Photos from World Hepatitis Day, Vancouver 2015, held at Creekside Community Centre, near False Creek (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Gloria Nahanee, elder at welcoming ceremony
Gloria Nahanee conducting her warm and informative Welcome Ceremony

Wild Moccasin's Fancy dancer
Wild Moccasin’s Fancy Dancer with Generation Hep Dot Com’s poster, see:

Wild Moccasin Fancy Dancer
Wild Moccasin’s Fancy Dancer twirling
 Wild Moccasin Metis dancer, jiggingWild Moccasin’s enthusiastic Metis dancer does a jig and soon thereafter gets the crowd a-jigging along with her!

Love your liver, no matter what!
Let’s Love our Liver!!
 Andrew Oldham launches Generation Hep Dot Com hepatitis C testing campaignAndrew Oldham, general mgr. and producer of Rolling Stones from 1963-1967, speaking of many in entertainment industry with hepatitis C – rolling out the Generation Hep Dot Com “Baby Boomer hep C testing” campaign

World Hepatitis Day Vancouver 2015 Planning Committee with Andrew Oldham
PLANNING COMMITTEE WITH NEW FRIEND: Sandi Mitchell of BCCDC, Andrew Oldham – Mgr. of Rolling Stones 1963-67, Rosemary Plummer of HepCBC, Alan Huang-independent volunteer, Tatiana Pakhomova of Purpose Society, Denise Thomas of 1st Nations Health Authority, Shakuntala Soden of HepCBC, and Deb Schmitz of Pacific Hepatitis C Network
 Flo Ranville speech about hepatitis C at WHD Vancouver 2015Flo Ranville speaks movingly of her personal experiences as a 1st Nations woman living with hepatitis C
 Daryl Luster of PHCN speaking at WHD Vancouver 2015Daryl Luster, Pres. of Pacific Hepatitis C Network, speaking from personal experience with hepatitis C

Shawn Sharma of VIDC, with Fibroscan at WHD Vancouver 2015
Shawn Sharma, General Mgr. of Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre, with portable Fibroscan machine

Dr. Evan Adams video shown at WHD Vancouver 2015 about hepatitis C
Dr. Evan Adams, Chief Medical Officer, 1st Nations Health Authority, in a new You Tube video showing him getting tested for hepatitis C:
 Gloria Nahanee and eldersGloria Nahanee and elders at WHD Vancouver 2015