Hepatitis C information on a bus ad, held by Nanaimo City Councilor
You Can Have Hepatitis C and Not Know It. It can Kill. There is a Cure. Get Tested. 80,000 BC residents have hepatitis C. 75% infected are Baby Boomers.
Hep c bus ad campaign in BC
Hep C ad on exterior of bus in one of 7 British Columbia cities targeted by a HepCBC campaign

The ads have a simple message: “Get tested for hepatitis C” plus a little bit about why. They were both inside and outside buses and Skytrains in 7 British Columbia cities during the entire month of July. The cities: Kelowna, Nanaimo, Prince George, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, and Victoria. HepCBC tried to give presentations to the City Councils of all 7 cities, to urge their mayors to declare World Hepatitis Day, to take a photo with the ads (see Nanaimo City Councilor, Wendy Pratt , left), and to get publicly tested for hepatitis C. We’ve been told it was a wonderful campaign; that it got people in some of the smaller communities who wouldn’t normally talk about hepatitis C to do so. We will try to extend this campaign out into some other communities as well over the next few months.