A new drug to treat hepatitis C has Lesley Gallagher excited for patients’ futures.

“Anything that brings attention to hepatitis C today and stresses the importance of being diagnosed, being assessed, being aware, is really important,” said Gallagher, a treatment support nurse in Saskatoon and Vancouver.

Drug company Merck announced Wednesday that Zepatier is now available in Canada.

“With this new product, we now have the opportunity to help a broad range of patients overcome hepatitis C using a simple regimen of one pill daily, with most patients cured with an eight to 12-week therapy,” President and Managing Director [of Merck] Chirfi Guindo said in a news release. 

Gallagher praised Merck’s commitment to people who inject drugs. The trial for Zepatier included people on opiate therapies such as methadone and patients with positive urine drug screens, she said.

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