GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) — Drugs that are almost 100 percent effective in curing Hepatitis C are so expensive, many patients are unable to get them. 

Some private health insurance companies refuse to cover the drugs, and Medicaid has resisted paying for them. Officials contend that to provide the drugs to all patients that need them could bankrupt the health care system.

The cost for treatments begin at just under $100,000, but they can go as high as twice that. 

After being diagnosed with Hepatitis C 14 months ago, 62-year-old Sherry Baribeau was told there was a cure, but unless she could pay for it herself, it was probably not available to her.

The cost was $180,000 dollars.

Baribeau’s illness progressed so fast, she was forced to quit one of two jobs and go on Medicaid. In Michigan, Medicaid does not yet cover the new treatment.

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