Friday, June 16, 2017

News Recap

Brenda’s Story
Brenda and her husband were forced onto a journey they never wanted to take. Hepatitis C complications put her into a long coma and almost took her life. With luck, love, a generous stranger’s liver, and a new hep C cure, she is not only alive but has returned to life with incredible strength and energy. She hopes her story will convince all baby boomers to get tested for hep C, for everyone who has hep C to get treated, and for the unjust stigma against those with hep C to end.

Transplanting kidneys with Hepatitis C saves patients’ lives, cures disease
This is old news but well worth repeating: A recent study on kidney transplants from deceased donors infected with the hepatitis C virus found that, “Just because the donor has hepatitis C, their kidney quality may not be impaired, especially if you can cure the virus. Because the disease exerts its effects very slowly, it’s possible that a young donor or someone in the early stages of the disease may have very few health problems that result from HCV, meaning those kidneys are high-quality.”  Did you know that approximately 4,600 Canadians are on the transplant waiting list, and 76% are waiting for a kidney? The median wait time for a deceased donor transplant is four years.

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