Friday, September 1, 2017

News Recap:

Not much in the news this last week, unless you take into consideration all the major tragedies that are unfolding:  Flooding in Texas, in Ontario, in India; forest fires in BC and Manitoba.  Imagine for a moment that you are chronically ill or elderly or both and need to have your medicines refrigerated or you need to have home care or you need dialysis.  Oh my God!!  How terrible.  No power, contaminated water, heat exhaustion, dehydration.  No place to sleep, or wash. How stressful and exhausting: The last thing that chronically ill people need! At least for those with HCV in North America we no longer need to worry about keeping the interferon in the fridge.  But how do you get the next bottle of your DAA’s?  How many have had their treatment interrupted (and ruined) or have been denied needed hospital care because of hospitals shut down due to flooding or evacuations.  And now there is of course the growing concern of widespread contagion due to sewage overflow and contaminated water supplies. Our hearts are heavy over all of this tragic news!

Liver Cancer:
Today, there are several innovative approaches — such as radioembolization, chemoebolization and microwave ablation — that are making treatment more precise and more accessible to a broader number of patients. Be sure to read this very informative article: Overview: Innovative treatments target liver cancer

As well a new series from OncLive, “Addressing Unmet Needs in Liver Cancer,” has made some very good videos available.  You can watch them here: http://www.onclive.com/insights/liver-cancer-unmet-needs/liver-cancer-screening-strategies

Upcoming Events:
Be sure to check out the front page of hepcbc.ca for our event listing.  Importantly, we will be having our Annual General Meeting on September 12, 2017 in Victoria, BC.  Details are on our website and FB page. If you are a member please attend if you can. If you are a member and can’t attend, remember that you can vote online.  All members should have received notification as to how to vote and what the issues are!