This is an amazing story …but it could happen to anyone, and we know this because we hear these kinds of stories often. This is why it is so important that Boomers be tested for hepatitis C.

Gail Wells got really sick and nobody could figure out why.  They looked for cancer, for multiple sclerosis, for vitamin deficiencies, and then she was diagnosed with idiopathic degenerative neuropathy – nerve deterioration for no apparent reason, and told to keep active, which was really hard.

But she got worse so they ran more tests for autoimmune diseases, and then FINALLY someone thought to test her for hepatitis C:  Bingo.

Problem was that her liver function tests had always been normal so they didn’t think to test for hepatitis C.

So what exactly was the cause of her symptoms?  Wells turned out to have a rare disorder caused by hepatitis C known as Type 2 mixed cryoglobulinemia, which if you don’t already know is often caused by hepatitis C.

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