Friday, December 29, 2017

News Recap:

The Year in Review
Another year has come and gone; and what a year it has been!  Again, major breakthroughs in HCV treatment made their way to the public, with new options for re-treatment, shorter treatment and ease of treatment.  The new pan-genotypic treatments require less testing and some of the newer drugs have drastically lower prices!

In Canada, especially in BC, we are fortunate because BC PharmaCare has removed most access restrictions to treatment and will completely remove access restrictions based on F scores some time in 2018 (the new fiscal year).  Basically this means that if you live in BC and have hepatitis C, no matter what level of disease you have you are eligible for treatment coverage from PharmaCare.  What excellent news.

HepCBC has again been very busy on your behalf during the past year.  You can see a list of all we have done in 2017 here: http://hepcbc.ca/about-hepcbc/what-we-do/#a_2017  Actually, we have done way more (so much is done behind the scenes), and our heartfelt thanks go out to the volunteers and staff who have made all this possible.

We do encourage you to volunteer with HepCBC. We really need some good solid energetic and creative people to join our volunteers and even our Board (which is made up of volunteers).  So, if you think you can pitch in, let us know! (http://hepcbc.ca/contact-us/)

Job Posting
HepCBC is seeking an Operations Manager. The position is part-time/~20 hours per week (limited-time contract until July 2018).  The deadline for applications is December 31, 2017. You can read the complete job description here.


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