Patients with hepatitis C have an increased risk for disease progression to cirrhosis and potentially hepatocellular carcinoma. Recent studies have focused on defining liver cancer risks related to HCV progression and the rates of liver cancer after HCV clearance with new direct-acting antivirals.

Several recent studies refute previous data suggesting that DAA therapy may increase the risk for liver cancer. Rather, researchers have found it more likely that any increased risk for HCC after DAA therapy is linked to baseline risk factors.

  • DAAs for HCV do not increase liver cancer recurrence after local-regional therapy
  • Novel score predicts DAA benefit in patients with HCV, decompensated cirrhosis
  • DAA therapy improves HCV-related liver transplantation outcomes
  • HCV liver cancer resection outcomes similar in patients with diabetes
  • Liver cancer incidence after HCV therapy linked to risk factors, not treatment
  • HCC rates after interferon-free HCV treatment linked to baseline risk factors
  • HCV clearance lowers liver cancer risk by 70% no matter drug of choice
  • Fewer HCC cases from HCV clearance improves quality of life, cost savings

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