Canada’s various immigrant communities have been particularly devastated by viral hepatitis, as hepatitis B or hepatitis C are often endemic in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America.

Language and cultural barriers may lead to sufferers not knowing about, seeking or receiving potentially life-saving treatment. To help out, HepCBC has started translating its standard Hep B and Hep C pamphlets into some of the non-English languages of British Columbia, starting with the most common Punjabi, Hindi, and Chinese. You can see our efforts on this page: (scroll down to “Foreign Language Pamphlets”).

A Chinese version of our Hep B pamphlet is now being proof-read, and will be on this page as well within a few days. HepCBC will have a few copies of this pamphlet (in both Chinese Traditional and Simplified versions) available at the all-day SUCCESS Chinese Health Fair on Sunday, Sept. 16th at Bonsor Recreation Complex in Burnaby.

Who is on this amazing volunteer team? So far our team consists of the “power couple,” Dr. Sandeep Dhavan and Dr. Anuradha Dhavan, both medical professionals working/studying in Punjab or Vancouver; and Linda Liu, who does medical interpreting and translation locally. We are greatly indebted to their generosity as we know that the ability to translate medical information accurately is a highly sought-after (and well-paid) skill. Dr. Sandeep Dhavan, who is President of the Gastroenterology and Liver Forum in Punjab, donated publication and freight costs of the brochures as well. Cheryl Reitz (who only speaks English!) also donates her skills with Adobe InDesign software to input what she calls the “very beautiful text” into the Chinese pamphlets.

DO YOU HAVE MEDICAL TRANSLATION SKILLS YOU’D LIKE TO DONATE TO HEPCBC? If so, please contact us through and we can discuss how you can participate in this project. We are interested in any languages used by immigrants to Canada.

The Team:





Linda Liu, volunteer Chinese translator






Cheryl Reitz, desktop publishing volunteer






Dr. Sandeep Dhavan and Dr. Anuradha Dhavan,
volunteer Hindi/Punjabi translators