Hepatitis C Bus Ads Across Northern BC

Prince Rupert, BC
Prince Rupert, BC

During the month of May, drivers, pedestrians, and bus riders in Prince George, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Dawson Creek, and Fort St. John will get to see an ad on local buses, urging them to get tested for hepatitis C. Although May is Aboriginal Hepatitis C Awareness Month, the ads show members of a variety of cultural groups and ages, along with translations into several languages, to show that anyone can have hepatitis C. A grant from Northern Health Authority paid for the ads; HepCBC Hepatitis C Education & Prevention Society is proud to join with Positive Living North as its local partner. For more information contact HepCBC (www.hepcbc.ca) or Positive Living North (www.positivelivingnorth.org).


Dawson Creek, BC
Dawson Creek, BC

Bus Ad Campaign in the Fraser Valley


In partnership with Positive Living Fraser Valley, HepCBC ran a bus campaign from December 14, 2015 for one month.

Buses with our ad on them in and could be seen around the Fraser region (Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Chilliwack, Abbotsford and the surrounding areas), encouraging people to find out more about hepatitis C and to get tested for it.

Snap a picture of a bus with our ad on it and send it to us.  We’ll include some of them in a future issue of the Bulletin.

You can find out more about hepatitis C testing and treatment on our website (www.hepcbc.ca) and on Positive Living Fraser Valley’s website (www.plfv.org). Drop us an email or give us a call and we will tell you how to get tested.

Bus Ad Campaign in 7 BC Cities urges Hep C Testing of Baby Boomers


You Can Have Hepatitis C and Not Know It. It can Kill. There is a Cure. Get Tested. 80,000 BC residents have hepatitis C. 75% infected are Baby Boomers.

HepCBC_king 2015

Hep C ad on exterior of bus in one of 7 British Columbia cities targeted by a HepCBC campaign


The ads have a simple message: “Get tested for hepatitis C” plus a little bit about why. They were both inside and outside buses and Skytrains in 7 British Columbia cities during the entire month of July. The cities: Kelowna, Nanaimo, Prince George, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, and Victoria. HepCBC tried to give presentations to the City Councils of all 7 cities, to urge their mayors to declare World Hepatitis Day, to take a photo with the ads (see Nanaimo City Councilor, Wendy Pratt , left), and to get publicly tested for hepatitis C. We’ve been told it was a wonderful campaign; that it got people in some of the smaller communities who wouldn’t normally talk about hepatitis C to do so. We will try to extend this campaign out into some other communities as well over the next few months.