HepCBC is currently recruiting new Board Members!

For further information on this important volunteer opportunity see General information about Volunteering and the Job Description of Board Member. Contact us if you are interested. For more information on becoming a member of HepCBC and when and where the next AGM will be held click here!


HepCBC’s Board of Directors: 2016 – 2017


Delvin (Del) Grimstad (Courtenay) – VICE PRESIDENT
Born 1956, married 36 years (wife passed); have two kids and 6 grandchildren. Diagnosed with genotype 1a in1998 on release from Canadian Armed Forces. 1st treatment in 2001: Rebetron 48 weeks but not successful. Joined Hep C Council in 2000, chaired for two years (PHCN), re-treated in 2014 with simeprevir and Sovaldi, now cured! Del now works at AVI. Del has run with the HepCBC Liver Warriors team.



Laurel Gloslee (Victoria) – DIRECTOR
I have a BA in Social Work. I have lived with Hep C 25 years. I’ve had to be treated 3 times, this last treatment has worked for me! I work at AVI in the Peer Educator Position. I am very passionate about sharing up to date and correct information with the public. I hope this info helps you to get to know me a little better.



Susan Malloch, R.N. (Mill Bay) – TREASURER
Susan is retired (sometimes part-time), an orthopedic nurse and partner of our former Board Member Allen McCulloch who died recently while on treatment for hepatitis C. Susan wants to do what she can to help prevent others from having to go through what she and Allen did. She is willing to share her experience by speaking publicly about hepatitis C and end-stage liver disease as she did on World Hepatitis Day 2015 in Victoria, and at the Ministry of Health this year.



Phillip Wilkin (Victoria) – DIRECTOR and Chair of the Prison Outreach Commitee
I have 30 years of experience with the Criminal Justice System.  For a number of years, I served on various committees designed to improve the health and welfare of prisoners within the Canadian Prison System. During my incarceration, I became aware that HEP C was becoming ‘the scourge’ of the prison system. I actively advocated for education, treatment, and prevention. I therefore, would like to stand for election as a member of the HepCBC Board. In addition to living with Hep. C, I also am employed at AVI, where I am often involved in discussions with clients about the risks factors of transmission, etc.



Robin Tomlin (Robson, in the Kootenays) – RETURNING DIRECTOR
Robin: It was back in the ‘90s that a few victims of Hep C got together to help all people with Hep C, through education andSupport. These brave few started what we now know as HepCBC and bonded a bunch of men and women from all over BC and from all walks of life…Over the years they pushed for a cure, offered support to those who needed it, and they never turned anyone away. They had politicians come to conferences to speak and listen to our concerns. They brought in specialists from the medical profession, drug companies, and of course the media, when needed. They are the front line troops in our fight to survive, and we lost a few brave soldiers on the way to VICTORY!!…We never thought we would see a cure, but we kept fighting for one… The original crusaders were…and still are going strong. Hopefully one day HepCBC will not be needed, but they have to take the credit with them. We were pioneers in a field we knew little about.



Rosemary Plummer, R.N. (Vancouver and Victoria – a “Ferry Grandmother”) – PRESIDENT
I am Vancouver-born with several decades of nursing experience in large cities, small towns and isolated communities.  I was living in northern BC raising my family when I met Cheryl Reitz, who introduced me later to HepCBC.  When I was working in the UK back in the early seventies, I went to a lecture on a day off  by visiting US liver specialist  and  Nobel-prize winning geneticist, Baruch Samuel Blumberg, on his then-new discovery, Hepatitis B. This year while preparing for World Hepatitis Day, I learned that it always takes place on July 28th, because it is Blumberg’s birthday. How ironic that as I sat cross-legged on the floor of that crowded hall so many years ago, I didn’t know I would be acknowledging his birthday every year, or why! I worked for years with many First Nations people in the north and treasure my years there. My growing grandchildren and parents in their nineties keep me focused further south at the moment. But I look forward to returning to rural and remote areas to do HCV outreach whenever I can.


Alan Huang – SECRETARY
I have two Masters degrees, focusing on health research and public health programming. To date, I have worked extensively with different stakeholders in the healthcare system, including patients’ groups, healthcare providers, policy makers, pharmaceutical industry, and academics, to develop, implement and evaluate health technologies (e.g., test kits, biomarkers, and genetic therapy) and culturally appropriate health programming (e.g., Viral Hepatitis Education and Screening Campaign among immigrants/refugees, and Arthritis Education). My interest is to determine how to incorporate patients’ voices into Canadian healthcare system using evaluation and published data to deliver evidence-informed programming.


Retired President:

Stephen Farmer, Businessman (President, 2010-2013)


Honourary Members:

  • Fran Falconer, RN, BScN, PID (Hepatology Nurse)
  • Denis Petrunia, MD
  • Norma McClelland, RN
  • Joan King



JOB TITLE:  Board Member (5-11 Board Members serve on the HepCBC Board). RESPONSIBLE TO:  The Board of Directors

OBJECTIVES OF JOB: To sit on the Board and help decide the direction of the society, and to help raise money to further its capacity to help those dealing with hepatitis C.



  1. Attend Board meeting at 5 PM on the first Tuesday of each month (this may change-flexible)
  2. Volunteer for tasks that might come
  3. Help liaise with community
  4. Find sources of funding
  5. Serve on special committees for projects


 Reliability is necessary

  1. Computer and computer skills
  2. Dedication, passion and drive are necessary
  3. Good speaking skills are an asset
  4. Good writing skills are an asset
  5. Good people skills and a sense of humor are an asset
  6. Good communication skills are an asset
  7. Interest and talent for fundraising are an asset
  8. Organizational and financial management skills are helpful
  9. Experience is desirable
  10. Creativity is desirable


This position requires a minimum of two to four hours a week. The meetings can be attended in person or via Skype (occasionally, in an emergency, by phone).


Must be a member of HepCBC  and must attend 3 consecutive Board meeting before granted voting rights (this 3-consecutive-meeting period can occur before or after becoming a Board member).