HepCBC Board Members (elected at AGM Dec. 15, 2019)

For further information on this important volunteer opportunity see General information about Volunteering and the Job Description of Board Member. Contact us if you are interested. For more information on becoming a member of HepCBC and when and where the next AGM will be held click here!

Douglas Laird (Victoria) – PRESIDENT &  REPRESENTATIVE to Action Hepatitis Canada’s Steering Committee. Douglas recently decided to re-join the Board after several years’ break. HepCBC is lucky to have Douglas, with his longtime lived experience of hepatitis C plus many years’ study of the medical side of the disease. Prior to joining HepCBC, he chaired the Community Intervention Society, supporting mental health and addiction in partnership with BC Health in Prince Rupert. His work has led to him doing hepatitis C outreach among diverse groups over the years, particularly the mental health community in Prince Rupert, and the IVDU and prison communities on Vancouver Island. Currently Douglas is a student at UVic, studying psychology and Applied Theatre, using drama in bringing about education, self-awareness, and healing. He believes the cognitive damage often done by HCV needs to be better understood, especially in view of the overdose epidemic.
Susan Malloch, R.N. (Mill Bay) – VICE PRESIDENT (served as President 2017-2019). Susan is a semi-retired orthopedic nurse. Her partner was our former Board Member Allen McCulloch who died while on treatment for hepatitis C. Susan knows both personally and professionally what it’s like for family members advocating for loved ones with end-stage liver disease, and wants to do what she can to help prevent others from having to go through what she and Allen did. In Aug. 2016 she, along with a HepCBC peer advocate and Dr. Alnoor Ramji, met with the BC Ministry of Health to advocate for a new treatment for hepatic encephalopathy, which might have kept Allen alive long enough that he could receive a liver transplant. She is willing to share her experience by speaking publicly about hepatitis C and end-stage liver disease and advocating for its elimination.
Cheryl Reitz, M.A. (Tsawwassen) – TREASURER (former Vice President & Secretary). I am a retired teacher and translation agent who became an HCV advocate. Diagnosed as HCV+ in 1992, I failed my first treatment. But in 2011 I joined a trial with the new DAAs which had no side-effects, and worked! In fact I was able to walk the half marathon in the middle of treatment. Volunteering through HepCBC and meeting so many wonderful HCV+ colleagues has been a huge part of my healing process. Now I am a grandmother of three, and my liver is rapidly recovering from cirrhosis. I participated in the founding of Action Hepatitis Canada, and represented HepCBC at the first World Hepatitis Summit held in Glasgow, Scotland. My hope is for the total eradication of viral hepatitis from the face of the earth, starting in BC. I will do whatever I can to get everyone tested – and make treatment accessible for all – particularly in immigrant, aboriginal, and other communities most at risk of HCV and HBV.

Anuradha Dhavan, MBBS, MD (Vancouver) – SECRETARY. Trained as a medical physician with specialization in medical microbiology, I am married and the proud mother of two children, both currently attending university. Along with my husband Sandeep, a gastroenterologist and hepatologist, I spent many years in Chandigarh, India, managing outreach clinics in which we did public awareness events, educational conferences, screening, linkage to care, treatment, and follow-up with diseases such as hepatitis A/B/C and HIV/AIDS. Now that I am in Canada, I wish to be involved in related activities such as the efforts HepCBC has been making in health navigation, knowledge translation, community and anti-stigma outreach, translation of materials, and education aimed at various at-risk communities including the South Asian immigrant community with which I identify. I look forward to working with colleagues to guide HepCBC in these efforts over the coming years.

Sofia Rose Bartlett, PhD (Vancouver) – DIRECTOR-at-LARGE. My dad Jack was diagnosed with hepatitis C infection in 1998. Dad lived with the infection for more than 30 years before he went on treatment and successfully cleared the virus in 2015. He says he has the best health of his life now in his 60s, and his liver is in great shape now too. Motivated partly by my family’s experience, I did my PhD studying hepatitis C transmission, and I now work at the BC Centre For Disease Control doing hepatitis C surveillance and research. I believe peer and community groups like HepCBC are crucial to successfully eliminating viral hepatitis, and I look forward to bringing my personal and professional experience to contribute to this important work.
Ronald Larsen (Victoria & Vancouver) – DIRECTOR-at-LARGE. We need to constantly update our knowledge of hepatitis A, B, and C, especially how to prevent and treat these diseases. My focus is education, to help others and support the people with insight. (NOTE: Ron has been active as a volunteer in HepCBC’s Prison Outreach Program visitations, as well as manning other information booths. He is constantly updating his knowledge of both information and teaching/counseling techniques, and brings many decades of experience [employed by several local non-profit organizations] with the prison-experienced [including both prisons and halfway houses] and PWID communities, and like so many of us these days, knows the pain of losing many friends and associates to the opioid overdose epidemic.)

Retired Presidents:

Susan Malloch, RN (President, 2017-2019)
Rosemary Plummer, retired RN (President, 2014-2017)
Stephen Farmer, Businessman (President, 2010-2013)

Honourary Members:

  • Fran Falconer, RN, BScN, PID (Hepatology Nurse)
  • Denis Petrunia, MD
  • Norma McClelland, RN
  • Joan King


JOB TITLE:  Board Member (5-11 Board Members serve on the HepCBC Board). RESPONSIBLE TO:  The Board of Directors


To sit on the Board and help decide the direction of the society, and to help raise money to further its capacity to help those dealing with viral hepatitis.


  1. Attend Board meeting at 5 PM on the first Tuesday of each month (this may change-flexible)
  2. Volunteer for tasks that might come
  3. Help liaise with community
  4. Find sources of funding
  5. Serve on special committees for projects


30% of our Board must have living experience of either hepatitis B or hepatitis C, and be willing to share that status publicly. If you are such a person, be sure to note this when you apply or when nominated.

 Reliability is necessary

  1. Computer and computer skills
  2. Dedication, passion and drive are necessary
  3. Good speaking skills are an asset
  4. Good writing skills are an asset
  5. Good people skills and a sense of humor are an asset
  6. Good communication skills are an asset
  7. Interest and talent for fundraising are an asset
  8. Organizational and financial management skills are helpful
  9. Experience is desirable
  10. Creativity is desirable


This position requires a minimum of two to four hours a week. The meetings can be attended in person or via Skype (occasionally, in an emergency, by phone).


Must be a member of HepCBC  and must attend 3 consecutive Board meeting before granted voting rights (this 3-consecutive-meeting period can occur before or after becoming a Board member).