Singapore’s Restalyst develops new method to improve liver cancer diagnosis

SINGAPORE, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore biomedical firm Restalyst has developed a new algorithm to detect liver cancer more accurately, improving the sensitivity to 90%. The new methodology looks at three factors: membrane bound protein ERBB3, AFP (alpha fetoprotein) and age of patient. It will detect and identify liver cancer more effectively, and better distinguish liver cancer from chronic hepatitis condition. An AFP test is commonly used

Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy Outcomes in Canadian Chronic Hepatitis C Telemedicine Patients

Many of the 300,000 HCV-infected Canadians live in under-served and remote areas without access to HCV healthcare specialists. Telemedicine (TM) and advances in HCV management can facilitate linkage of these marginalized patients to healthcare. The TM program described comprises a population that faces many barriers to effective HCV treatment – genotype 3 (25.9% vs. 16.4%),  Indigenous (7.0% vs. 2.2%)  history of injection drug use (70.1% vs. 54.9%) and i

Updated List of Physicians in British Columbia Currently Treating Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C

Physicians in British Columbia Currently Treating Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C Researched and Provided by Volunteers from HepCBC Hepatitis C Education and Prevention Society DATED November 7, 2017. Please send any additions or changes to OFFICE DATABASE MANAGER c/o Click on Image to Open Pdf Page Permalink:

Curing HCV Yields Long-Term Improvement in Quality of Life

Hepatitis C patients who attained sustained virologic response (SVR) with a direct-acting antiviral (DAA) drug maintained health improvements that enhanced their long-term quality of life, a new study shows. Reaching SVR, considered a cure for chronic hepatitis C (HCV), has been associated with clinical benefits and short-term improvement in health-related quality of life (HRQL) scores. However, the sustainability of these improvements is unknown, the res

HCV-related liver disease on the rise in women

Hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related complications are increasing among women, according to a national cohort study. Typically, men have a higher risk of progression to liver disease than women because men develop liver disease from HCV at a higher rate than women. “We found that women had increase of incidence of liver disease at a similar rate to men.  Since the mortality rate was lower in women, this suggests that women will have a larger contribution to t

Mongolia’s liver cancer crisis: ‘No other country has a problem like this’

Cirrhosis and liver cancer cause 15% of all deaths in Mongolia. Now the government is waking up to the issue – and tackling the hepatitis that triggers it. Danzan Purev beams as he shows members of a support group photos of his infant nephew on his iPhone. The 68-year-old geologist is charismatic and jokes with the others gathered in the room in Ulan Bator. But his mood changes as he begins to recount his long experience with hepatitis, a disease that has

Benitec and Biotron in the race for $3.5b Hepatitis B market

Chronic Hepatitis B, a currently incurable disease, is attracting growing attention among international biotechs. The World Health Organisation estimates 257 million people live with Hep B and up to 900,000 die each year from related diseases such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. In Australia, more than 232,000 people have chronic hepatitis B, according to lobby group Hepatitis Australia. “Deaths from primary liver cancer have been climbing faster tha

Cherokee Nation screens more than 40,000 patients for hepatitis C

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - The Cherokee Nation has screened more than 40,000 tribal citizens for hepatitis C after becoming the first tribe in the country to launch an elimination project two years ago with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Oct. 30 was declared as Hepatitis C Awareness Day in the Cherokee Nation, and tribal and Cherokee Nation Health Services officials gathered for a proclamation signing ceremony. The tribe’s goal is to scre

Worldwide 52 million children living with viral hepatitis

World Hepatitis Alliance calls for better screening of expectant mothers and treatment of children New data presented at this year’s World Hepatitis Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1-3 November) show that 52 million children are living with viral hepatitis worldwide, compared to 2.1 million children living with HIV/AIDS. An estimated 325 million people were living with viral hepatitis worldwide in 2016. Of these, 4 million were children living with hepati

The Week in Review: October 27 – November 4, 2017

Friday, November 4, 2017 News Recap: Access to Treatment Hepatitis C could be eliminated in Canada, but drug prices, screening barriers stand in the way – Most of the 70 million patients infected with hepatitis C worldwide could be cured for $50 US each Many countries — including Canada — have committed to a global goal of eliminating hepatitis C by 2030. But new data released at the summit in Brazil shows that only nine countries are on track to me...