Updated and New Materials from HepCBC

Recently HepCBC updated some of its pamphlets and added some new materials, all of which can be easily downloaded from our site and which you can print out or order from us.  To order bulk materials, use the contact form at http://hepcbc.ca/contact-us/ New Materials: Click on the images below to download the pdfs   Prison Colouring Book HBV Pamphlet Updated Materials: HCV in Prisons   HCV and Boomers

New: HepCBC Prison Outreach

NEW PRISONER HEPATITIS OUTREACH MATERIALS AND SERVICES ANNOUNCED TODAY! Philip Wilkin, Chair of HepCBC’s Prison Outreach Committee, is very pleased to announce today the launch of a new pamphlet, a toll-free phone “Hotline” for prisoners, and a new Hepatitis Prison Outreach webpage. The pamphlet, “Hepatitis C: Breaking Down the Bars between Prison Health and Public Health,” will be widely distributed to prisoners and their allies over the coming weeks. It