• for those who mail or fax publishable materials to HepCBC from inside prisons where inmates are unable to use email or view the Internet. Materials which relate to eliminating viral hepatitis in the prison system (including eliminating risk factors such as addiction and use of injected/inhaled drugs) will be published. We will consider prose, poetry, original research, visual art, or academic writing. We will publish an inmate’s institution name and city, but no personally-identifying information.

August, 2019 – Submitted by an inmate of Fraser Valley (Women’s) Institution, Abbotsford, BC
Title: #thegoldenpipe
Illustrated by the author

I named the meth pipe #thegoldenpipe and coloured it gold because that’s the way we treat it, in our addictions. It’s our gold. But we need to remember that it’s not; that it’s worthless.

It easily consumes us, whether we want to go down that road or not. We lose everything. We grow tired of it and want to quit but for some reason we just can’t. It’s always fun at first; the feeling it gives you is indescribable. Nothing else in this world can compare to what you just felt.

Down the road, you just feel worn out and NEED IT, just to get through the days. Wishing you could just kick it and go back to the way things use to be. The life of you is drained. You’re miserable and feel that you’re hopeless. Your life doesn’t matter like it use to. The come down is the worst!

Why do I keep doing this if I already know the outcome? I feel shitty in every way I possibly can.

Why, when we remember our “drug days and times” do we see them in the best light and want to be right back out there?