HepCBC has been creating, publishing, and distributing pamphlets many years, whenever it saw the need.  Below find pamphlets from several sources…



All of the publications on this page can be downloaded (pdfs).  If you wish to order hard copies of HepCBC pamphlets in bulk, contact HepCBC’s office. All bulk pamphlets requests are FREE!

HCV in Prisons

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Aboriginal & Northern Communities

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HCV and Boomers

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HCV Manifesto

HBV Brochure (English)

Foreign Language Pamphlets

HBV Punjabi

HBV Hindi

HBV Chinese (Traditional)

HBV Chinese (Simplified)

HCV Hindi

HCV Punjabi


Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange  (CATIE,, the BC Centre for Disease Control (, and the Canadian Liver Foundation ( offer excellent free pamphlets which are constantly updated.  Though USA-based, we recommend you browse the HCV Advocate ( for their very current Fact Sheets on a wide variety of HCV topics which can be easily viewed or printed from the website.


Posters are a great way to get people’s attention!  HepCBC has created several PDF posters to print (and if possible, laminate): one with the full text of HCV Manifesto all on one page, and five which originally were intended for outreach with First Nations. The anti-stigma messages and the factual information in the First Nations posters are useful for anyone, anywhere. You can download by clicking on links below.

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The HCV MANIFESTO Confronting Hepatitis C: A Grassroots Initiative – all on one page.


The 5 First Nations posters below can print out to 12″ X 18″ size:


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DONT ASK ME poster – simple version: ‘Don’t Ask Me How I Caught It – Ask Me How I’m Doing’. Original photography donated by Ramana Waldhaus, of Haida Gwaii.


DONT ASK ME poster- more info version: about the types of liver damage HCV can cause: Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, Liver Transplant, and Liver Failure. Following successful treatment, life-threatening complications may be prevented. Liver damage can be reversed if stopped in time! Original photography donated by Ramana Waldhaus, of Haida Gwaii.


MEDICINE WHEEL poster about HCV: “The needs of someone living with hepatitis C are like the needs of the rest of the community” – wheel text and design concept by Terry Optekamp, Community Health Representative from Chippewas of Nawash Health Centre.



NO COMMUNITY IS TOO SMALL OR TOO REMOTE FOR HCV poster: “Everyone deserves HCV information, confidential testing, treatment, and support.” Photos taken on HCV outreach trip to northwestern BC in 2013 by Cheryl Reitz of HepCBC. “Thanks to all the wonderful smiling new friends!”


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NORTHERN & REMOTE COMMUNITY AT INCREASED HCV RISK poster:  “Due to Stigma & Isolation, Uncertain Testing will be Confidential, Distance from Treatment Centres, Lack of Peer Support, Fear of Disclosure Consequences, Inability to access Transplant Services, and Lack of Accessible Information.” Photo purchased from Stock Photo service, “Shutterstock #84158728”.



We welcome your ideas for posters, both artwork and text. If something looks interesting, let’s give it a try! Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) or the US-based HCV Advocate websites often have information available in poster form.