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Update Jan 11, 2017: January 2017 Hepatitis C Update: Past Economic Loss/Dependent (PELD) Fund

Important message from Klein Lawyers

As you know, the Past Economic Loss and Dependents (PELD) Fund of the Pre-1986/Post-1990 Hepatitis C Settlement has a shortfall – with more than $65 million in unpaid claims.

On December 15, 2016, a joint hearing was held in Toronto before the judges of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec to discuss the status of the Compensation Fund, now that the final deadline to submit claims has passed.  We are pleased to report that the judges have ordered that any surplus remaining in the main Compensation Fund will be transferred to the PELD fund for unpaid claims.  Although this is a positive result, it will not be enough to pay the full amounts for outstanding claims.  We project it will only be about 20% of what is needed in the PELD.  Read more…


Update Dec 14, 2016:   Hepatitis-C Tainted Blood Victims Fight Ottawa for Solution to $220M Fund Shortfall

Interview Opportunity on Hepatitis-C Settlement Court hearing

Most Canadians thought the tainted blood tragedy had been fully addressed. But there are hundreds of tainted blood victims who are still waiting for the compensation that was promised to them by the Government of Canada. They will be closely following a court hearing taking place December 15 and 16 in Toronto, Ontario. A joint hearing of the courts of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Québec will consider how to address a $220 million shortfall in the pre-1986/post-1990 Hepatitis-C settlement fund. More than 300 victims part of the settlement will not be paid due to the shortfall.  Read more…


Update Nov 24, 2016:   Compensation funds for tainted blood victims short more than $220-million

Funds created to compensate Canadians who contracted hepatitis C through tainted blood before 1986 and after 1990 have a combined shortfall of more than $220-million, according to a new document filed in court by the federal government.

Unless Ottawa comes up with money to fill that gap, many of the victims of one of the worst health scandals in Canadian history will never get the full amount they are owed and some of the families of those who have died will get nothing.    Read more…


Update Sep 27, 2016:   Hepatitis-C Tainted Blood Victims Demand Equal Treatment

Lawyers representing some of the more than 500 victims in the pre-1986/post-1990 Hepatitis-C settlement group filed a submission last week in Vancouver requesting that the courts of Ontario, Québec and British Columbia address a $65 million shortfall in their settlement fund.

“This is an issue of equity,” said David Klein, managing partner of Klein Lawyers LLP, representing pre-1986/post-1990 Hepatitis C victims. “We have one group of victims whose claims were just topped up a month ago, when a $250 million surplus in their fund was distributed to victims. And we have another group of victims who submitted their claims on time, have been approved, and are still awaiting compensation.”    Read more…


Update Aug 24, 2016:  Tainted-blood victims to receive more compensation after court rulings


Update Aug 19, 2016:  Judgments in Provincial Courts

thumbnail of Jugement 15 août 2016

thumbnail of 2016BCSC1506 (Endean)
British Columbia

thumbnail of Ontario Judgment 2016


Class Action Suit Hotline: 1-800-229-5323 ext. 8296

Health Canada Compensation Line: 1-888-434-0944

Red Cross Compensation pre-86/post-90 Registration: 1-888-840-5764 HepatitisC@kpmg.ca

Ontario Compensation: 1-877-222-4977

Quebec Compensation: 1-888-840-5764



Claimants may be reimbursed for costs of treatments and accepted hepatitis C medications not covered by public or private healthcare plan while they wait for reimbursement from the 1986-1990 plan.

Administrator 1-877- 434-0944





Administrator 1-866-334-3361




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