MP Elizabeth May publicly tested for hepatitis C

HepCBC wants to thank Elizabeth May, MP (Saanich-Gulf Islands riding) who decided to get publicly tested for hepatitis C on the day following World Hepatitis Day (July 28th every year). In the video below, she explains why. We also wish to thank Roz Milne, RN with Cool Aid Society in Victoria who performed the testing. Ms. May joins at least one other MP (Murray Rankin), 13 MLAs, 2 mayors and numerous City Councilors who have taken this courageous step...

More Canadian Liver Specialists Stress Urgency of 1-time-only Baby-Boomer Testing for Hepatitis C

National screening strategy for hepatitis C urged for Canada Canada should begin screening ‘Baby Boomers’ for the hepatitis C virus infection, since this age group is likely the largest group to have the illness, and most don’t know they have it, say a group of liver specialists in the Toronto Western Hospital Francis Family Liver Clinic. Unlike many other chronic viral infections, early treatment makes hepatitis C curable. In an article entitled, A Canadi

Liver Cancer: All you need to know

In the US, deaths from HCC are increasing faster than deaths from any other form of cancer. HCC has a 5 year survival rate of only 15% but usually is not diagnosed until it has progressed too far.  Also, the incidence of HCC has tripled since 1975. The reasons: there are a LOT of Baby Boomers, they have a HIGH prevalence of hepatitis C, they are getting OLDER and FATTER. These facts and lots more really great and current information can be found on this Po