The Week in Review: July 14 – July 21, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017 News Recap 1) Vosevi Approved in US – Under Review in Canada Vosevi has just been approved in the USA to treat adults with chronic HCV genotypes 1-6 without cirrhosis (liver disease) or with mild cirrhosis. Vosevi is a fixed-dose, combination tablet containing sofosbuvir, velpatasvir and a new drug, voxilaprevir. Vosevi is the first treatment approved for patients who have been previously treated with DAAs and failed treatment....

Hepatitis C: New Drugs Cure It, but Most People Don’t Know They Have It

Hepatitis C is a potentially deadly liver disease that affects an estimated 3.5 million people in the United States and up to 150 million worldwide. In fact, it kills more Americans than all other infectious diseases together! But in just the past few years, advances in treatment have been nothing short of astounding. A condition once treated with medication that caused serious side effects and delivered a low cure rate is now curable almost all of the t...

The Week in Review: July 7 – July 14, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017 News Recap Local New measures boost addiction treatment access in Victoria New efforts to expand treatment for opioid users in Victoria are putting addiction specialists in hospital emergency departments and supporting family doctors who provide opioid substitution therapy for patients. The initiatives by Island Health and the Victoria Divisions of Family Practice are intended to dovetail with the work of the South Island Ra...

Looking at the Twin Epidemics of HCV

Older and younger patients infected with hepatitis C (HCV) have different characteristics, and treatment needs to be tailored accordingly. The younger cohort needs much more comprehensive care if we are to eliminate hepatitis C; for the older boomer population, we need to diagnose them early in the course of disease, which means enhancing screening, and then treating them to prevent end-stage liver disease and liver cancer. Older HCV patients, who have ha

The Week in Review: May 19 – June 2, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017 News Recap Boomers Should Be Tested Most of the HepC-related news last week from various agencies in the USA stressed the fact that Baby Boomers should be tested and that hepatitis C is a hidden and growing danger (GET TESTED: 1 in 30 baby boomers have Hepatitis C, 70 percent are unaware). In Canada voices of dissent can be heard regarding the federal government’s asinine decision NOT to test Boomers.  The decision was based ...

GET TESTED: 1 in 30 baby boomers have Hepatitis C, 70 percent are unaware

The following is from the USA and we ALL know that the same situation exists in Canada...except for the idiots in the Federal government who think that for some reason it doesn't! "It's a stigma that can be ... you never know what people are going to say," she said. "Ask your doctor about it. Try to educate yourself. Don't be afraid to ask questions." Sears said it's important that people in Brashear's age group, baby boomers, get tested for Hepatitis

Critics push back against hepatitis C screening advice, say boomers should be tested

"If we had clear data as to how much the costs of the drugs were going to be ... if we had a very clear sense of what was going on, we would be able to look at this again and reconsider the screening decision." Yes, well the prices have been lowered so what are you waiting for? --CD TORONTO -- When Walter Buchanan learned his brother-in-law needed a liver transplant because of advanced cirrhosis caused by a long-undiagnosed infection with hepatitis C, he ...

U.S.: CDC – New Hepatitis C Infections Nearly Tripled Over Five Years

Deadly virus concentrated among baby boomers and increasing rapidly among new generations of Americans Over just five years, the number of new hepatitis C virus infections reported to CDC has nearly tripled, reaching a 15-year high, according to new preliminary surveillance data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Because hepatitis C has few symptoms, nearly half of people living with the virus don’t know they are in

Studies show hepatitis C test rates low despite effective new treatments

Note:  Although this study was done in the USA, the results hold true for Canada.  Why should people who feel stigmatized for having hepatitis C get tested only to be stared at down the nose by physicians who still put people with hep down, and also to find out that they can't afford to get treated!! It's a really lousy situation -- CD Despite a 2013 recommendation from the US Preventive Services Task force that all baby boomers be tested for hepatitis C

Dating after Hepatitis C: Hope on the horizon for the 1 in 30 boomers estimated to be infected

Baby boomers are 6 times more likely to be infected than other adults. We need to talk about testing and treatment Recently I went on a first date — a stroll in a city park — that went rather well. We had so much in common, from a love of reading to a history of youthful troublemaking. If I wasn’t convinced already he was someone I could relate to, my new friend shared that he’d been cured of Hepatitis C. I could hardly believe it. Instead of having to