Updated: HepCBC Patient Group Submissions to CADTH and BC Pharmacare

To view all submissions (2011 to present) HepCBC has made to either CADTH (to determine if drug should be allowed for sale in Canada for a specific purpose) and BC Pharmacare (to determine if drug should be covered/purchase reimbursed by Pharmacare) please see this updated link: http://hepcbc.ca/patient-group-submissions-bc-pharmacare-cadth/

Why CADTH needs Patient Group Input from HepCBC

Patient Groups such as HepCBC  provide patient input to the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) and the Canadian Drug Review (CDR) which helps them determine whether they should approve drugs for use in Canada, and what restrictions and criteria should be applied to their use. Here are some new (SHORT but GREAT!) YouTube videos which show why this input is so critical, and how it is used to benefits patients such as US! CLICK HERE

Simeprevir: two nods from Sask. & Health Canada

Simeprevir received two boosts on Nov. 12th: it is now listed on the Sasketchewan formulary (will be reimbursed by their public health insurance Pharmacare) and was also recommended highly by a Canadian Drug Review (CDR, CADTH, Health Canada) "Therapeutic Review" of hepatitis C DAA's (new Direct Acting Antiviral therapies) for HCV genotype 1. Details below: SASKATCHEWAN FORMULARY DETAILS: simeprevir, capsule, 150mg (Galexos-JAN) For the treatment of chroni

URGENT REQUEST for patient input into INTERFERON-FREE HCV drug combo: sofosbuvir+ledipasvir

We've been asked by CADTH* to do a Patient Group Review of the new INTERFERON-FREE drug combo sofosbuvir and ledipasvir (also known as SOVALDI and GS-5885) for Chronic Hepatitis C, developed by Gilead Sciences. We urgently request input from individual HCV+ people (both those who have and have not tried this drug combination, any genotype). For background info see http://hepcbc.ca/contribute-sofosbuvir-ledipasvir-submission-cadth/. For the actual que


The Canadian Drug Review (CADTH) has announced two more new drugs for people with hepatitis C. Both need our patient group input BEFORE MIDNIGHT Tuesday AUGUST 26th! Revolade (Promacta in the USA or "eltrombopag olamine") by Glaxo Smith Kline, and Zaxine (Xifaxan in the USA or "rifaximin") by Salix Pharmaceuticals, are not the "cures" we have all been focusing on recently. Instead, Revolade is used in the treatment of people who are experiencing Thrombocyt

CADTH simeprevir (GALEXOS) news!

The Canadian Drug Review's CDEC Board approved simeprevir (GALEXOS) on June 18th, 2014, and has sent HepCBC a thank you letter for its simeprevir submission. Simeprevir (GALEXOS) is a new hepatitis C drug for genotype 1 infection which, at this point at least, is to be used in a triple therapy along with interferon alpha and ribavirin. This drug, developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and marketed in the USA as OLYSIO, is also being recommended in the US and