The Week in Review: August 4 – August 11, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017 Research & Discoveries Melbourne scientists are creating mini-livers in a dish MELBOURNE scientists are creating mini livers in a dish using a world-first combination of human cells in an ambitious bid to grow liver tissue for transplants. The tiny experimental organs – developed from cells donated by cancer patients – will be used to test drugs and eventually treat disease. Routine hospital tool found to predict poor ...

Subcirrhotic Liver Stiffness Cuts HCC Risk in Hepatitis B

For patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB), achievement of subcirrhotic range of liver stiffness (sc-LS) with antiviral therapy (AVT) is associated with reduced risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), according to a study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. During the study period, the researchers found that after 2 years of AVT, 67.0% of patients achieved sc-LS and 13.4% of patients developed HCC. "The achievement of sc-LS af

Cirrhosis Increasing Among Hepatitis C Patients, According to Large US Study

The past decade has seen a nearly 40 percent increase in the prevalence of cirrhosis among people with hepatitis C in the U.S., a new study found. The reasons remain uncertain, however. The study, titled “Hepatitis C Complications: Prevalence and Disparities in a Large US Cohort 2006-2014” (abstract #180) was presented at The Liver Meeting 2016, held by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD). Cirrhosis has long been linked t

Liver cirrhosis and decompensation still on the rise among people with hepatitis C

Complications of advanced liver disease including cirrhosis and hepatic decompensation have risen over the past decade among people with chronic hepatitis C, according to study findings presented at the 2016 AASLD Liver Meeting in November. However, in recent years the increase has slowed, especially among those at highest risk – black people and people aged 60 and over. Men had significantly higher decompensation prevalence than women, though both rose a

US: Large Study Identifies Increase of Cirrhosis in Hepatitis C Patients

BOSTON, Nov. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the past decade, the prevalence of cirrhosis has increased by almost 40 percent among people with hepatitis C (HCV) in the United States, according to research presented at The Liver Meeting® — held by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. Hepatitis C has been linked to cirrhosis (i.e., scarring of the liver), decompensated cirrhosis, and death, but the extent of the prevalence of thes...

Advancing Liver Disease

Advancing Liver Disease It’s far better for the public health to test broadly for HCV, and to treat it early. Advanced HCV liver disease is costly, painful, and preventable! Left undiagnosed and/or untreated, hepatitis C advances – often silently – until suddenly it is too late. Overview of HCV Disease Progression If acute hepatitis C infection (HCV) becomes a chronic infection it can eventually progress to a more serious disease. Over time it can pro

The Liver

  Why is your liver important? How does HCV affect the liver? What does liver disease mean?   What the Liver Does The liver has many functions, including these: Stores iron reserves, as well as vitamins and minerals Detoxifies poisonous chemicals, including alcohol and drugs (prescribed and over-the-counter medicines as well as illegal substances). Acts as a filter to convert them to substances that can be used or excreted...

European Commission Approves Daklinza (daclatasvir) for the Treatment of Genotype 1, 3 and 4 Chronic Hepatitis C

European Commission Approves Daklinza (daclatasvir) for the Treatment of Genotype 1, 3 and 4 Chronic Hepatitis C Patients with HIV Coinfection, Advanced Cirrhosis and Post-liver Transplant Recurrence of HCVUpdated label provides additional treatment options for multiple HCV patient populations, including difficult-to-treat patients with decompensated cirrhosisHIV/HCV coinfected patients experience more rapid fibrosis progression than mono-infected HCV pati

The Prevalence of Cirrhosis in Patients with Hepatitis C Is Growing

Patients with chronic hepatitis C can develop cirrhosis, a serious condition characterized by scarring of the liver – but just how many patients actually reach this point? There’s been an increase in the number of Americans with hepatitis C who also have cirrhosis, according to a study published in the Journal of Hepatology. This prevalence was analyzed both in people who knew that they had the liver infection and those who were unaware. "Among HCV-infect

Liver fibrosis improves after successful treatment for hepatitis C

"In summary, this study showed an "overall 60% improvement in subjects with baseline cirrhosis or advanced fibrosis after achieving SVR based on FibroScan," the researchers concluded, suggesting that APRI might be used to predict regression in people with advanced fibrosis."A majority of people with chronic hepatitis C and advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis showed improvement in liver health following treatment, according to study findings presented last week ...