Longer Treatment Duration Cures More Patients with Hepatitis C Genotype 2 and Cirrhosis

The sofosbuvir/ribavirin treatment is typically prescribed for 12 weeks, but the researchers recommended that these patients up the duration to 16 to 20 weeks. “We demonstrated that using the recommended extended duration in patients with more severe disease, 95% of patients with severe liver disease, including cirrhosis, can be cured,” said the report. SVR12 was achieved in 95.53% of patients overall. Further data breakdown showed SVR12 success in 99.

How Gilead’s New Hepatitis C Virus Combination Stacks Up to the Competition

Gilead's pan-genotypic hepatitis C virus combo, Epclusa, could significantly boost the company's sales by filling some important niches. Antiviral champ Gilead Sciences  recently earned FDA approval for another hepatitis C virus (HCV) combination treatment, Epclusa. Epclusa is poised to boost Gilead's numbers by filling an important niche that has been somewhat overlooked, and Bristol-Myers Squibb  is about to lose hundreds of millions annually in the