HCV Statistics

Statistics May, 2015 How many people have hepatitis C? Who has it? Where do they live? We at HepCBC went through the latest statistics about hepatitis C in BC, in Canada, and the World. They’re not perfect because not everyone who has hepatitis C has been tested, and not all cases are reported, especially in less-developed countries. But with a cure now available and the eventual eradication of hepatitis C an achievable goal, governments are starti

Speech to CATIE 2013 Focuses on Unmet Needs of HCV+ Population

An HCV+ member of HepCBC was asked to give a 10-minute speech at CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange) last week about what sort of policies HCV+ people hoped would come about in the next 5 years. Lots of illustrations/images. Here is the speech: VIDEO: http://www.catie.ca/en/forum/webcast-archive/closing-plenary#reitz PDF: http://www.hcvadvocate.org/community/community_pdf/HepCBC_CATIE_2013.pdf

Looming Hepatitis C Crisis among Un-tested, Un-treated Baby Boomers – Dr. Morris Sherman warns PHAC

Looming hepatitis C crisis - Morris Sherman, MD, of Cdn Liver Foundation and other specialists warn PHAC in this Globe and Mail article. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/specialists-warn-of-a-looming-hepatitis-c-crisis/article14432504/

FREE: Most Current Statistics, Research, and Data about Hepatitis in Canada

The most current statistics, research, and data about hepatitis B and C, as well as other liver diseases, can be found in the recent report, Liver Disease in Canada: A Crisis in the Making: An Assessment of Liver Disease in Canada Published by the Canadian Liver Foundation in March, 2013. Dr. Morris Sherman (MB.BCh, PhD, FRCP(C)), et al. Download this ENTIRE important report in PDF format from:http://www.liver.ca/files/PDF/Liver_Disease_Report_2013/Liver_D

Hepatitis C Virus: Is the End in Sight?

This recent article by Douglas Laird in the Univ. of Victoria's student publication the Martlet, is highly recommended:http://martlet.ca/2013/06/hepatitis-c-virus-is-the-end-in-sight/