Liver Cancer Meeting – Link to Slideshows

Liver Cancer rates and deaths are rising all over the world; much of this increase is due to hepatitis C. Three of us from HepCBC attended a Liver Cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC) conference on Feb. 11th in Toronto, sponsored by the Canadian Assn. for the Study of the Liver (CASL). There will be an article summarizing the most interesting findings in the hepc.bull newsletter soon. Meanwhile, here is a link to the Powerpoint slides:http://www.hepato

FREE: Most Current Statistics, Research, and Data about Hepatitis in Canada

The most current statistics, research, and data about hepatitis B and C, as well as other liver diseases, can be found in the recent report, Liver Disease in Canada: A Crisis in the Making: An Assessment of Liver Disease in Canada Published by the Canadian Liver Foundation in March, 2013. Dr. Morris Sherman (MB.BCh, PhD, FRCP(C)), et al. Download this ENTIRE important report in PDF format from:

HCV+ Baby Boomers with HCC increasing demand for Liver Transplant; may force changes in treatment plans

The December, 2012 issue of the journal Liver Transplantation discusses the rapidly-increasing demand for liver transplant among HCV+ Americans born between 1941 and 1960. 4% of this birth cohort is HCV+, compared to 1% for the US population as a whole. As this HCV+ population ages, the dangers of advanced cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) increase dramatically. 41% of those on the liver transplant list are HCV+, and of these the number who also