Cdn Minister of Health replies to HepCBC request for Testing Guidelines release

The following letter to HepCBC from Canada's Health Minister, Rona Ambrose, was received recently. It explains the Ministry's reason for delaying its release of new federal Hepatitis C Screening Guidelines, which will likely include some recommendation for adding "age-cohort" testing to the guidelines while retaining current "risk-based" testing. While the exact age-cohort "window" for what is also called "Baby Boomer" testing is still to be determined, it

MP Health Critic Murray Rankin Gets Tested for Hepatitis C

Today (April 17, 2015) in Victoria, BC, Official Opposition Health Critic MP @Murray Rankin showed his support for Baby Boomer testing of hepatitis C by "rolling up his sleeve" for the simple blood test. HepCBC was there to record this special occasion. We applaud this kind of "hands-on" action which shows leadership on the important health issue of un-diagnosed hepatitis C.  (See VIDEO below...) Just before he took the test, Mr. Rankin said, "I...