The Week in Review: June 2 – June 9, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017 News Recap Somebody Pinch Me This week saw the release of a report from the Cochrane Collaboration which concluded not only that DAAs were ineffective but that they might also be bad for you and not even cure HCV.  The news item was picked up by various media outlets and was hard to miss (No valid evidence $40,000 miracle drug cures hepatitis C – study).  Thankfully other researchers from around the world jumped in on this poor ...

Hep C: Coping and Curing – Book Launch

Author Elizabeth Rains doesn’t know exactly when or where she contracted hepatitis C. She only knows she is a very lucky person who has been cured of a disease that attacks the liver and can kill in its final stages. In a new book, Demon in My Blood (Greystone Books) she recalls past decades of her life, searching for that fatal event that contaminated her blood. Had she received a tainted blood transfusion after the birth of her daughter, or was it from

The Week in Review: May 12, 2017 – May 19, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017 News Recap Canada Help4Hep – BC Helpline Now Online: Did you know that there is now a British Columbia toll-free hepatitis C peer-to-peer helpline where you can get accurate information and meaningful help that is free of charge and confidential?  Check it out now! Help4Hep – BC Helpline Now Online URGENT! Patient and Caregiver Input Request: We Need to Hear your Voice! Patient and Caregiver input is requested by CADTH on Abb...

Man who got hepatitis C, HIV from tainted blood asks PM for compensation

More than three decades after a blood transfusion gave him two devastating illnesses, LaSalle’s Jim Moauro is appealing to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “do the right thing” for hundreds of victims like him. Trudeau’s father, Pierre, was prime minister when they were given tainted blood in the early 1980s. “I think it’s fitting his son clean up his legacy,” said Moauro, 67, a mild hemophiliac who contracted both HIV and hepatitis C after taking a spill d

The baby boomers’ stealth killer: hepatitis C

Back in her hippie days, Elizabeth Rains was hitchhiking through Arizona in the rear of a truck when the drunk at the wheel crashed into a boulder. Rains needed close to 50 stitches in her head and may have had a blood transfusion. Two years later, in 1971, she received blood in a Montreal hospital to treat hemorrhaging after the birth of her second child. A year after that, she moved to Vancouver and endured rough sex with a drug-addicted boyfriend. Any

B.C. won’t cover hepatitis C drug that’s possible cure for woman infected with tainted blood

Lack of national pharmacare program makes it hard to negotiate better drug prices. The B.C. government says it won't cover the cost of a breakthrough treatment for hepatitis C for Nikky Davies, who contracted the virus through tainted blood she was administered in hospital. A Nanaimo, B.C., woman who contracted the hepatitis C virus through tainted blood has been denied a blockbuster new medication the province says is extremely expensive and would bankru

Tampa Bay woman with Hepatitis C reduces co-pay for treatments with coupon

PASADENA, FL (WFLA) — The FDA has approved several new cures for people fighting chronic diseases, but the problem is, many people can’t afford the drugs and insurance companies will cover only the sickest patients. That includes a drug now on the market for people with Hepatitis C called Harvoni — a pill that patients take for 8 to 12 weeks. Wendy Latorre, of Pasadena, says when she heard about the drugs she was extremely hopeful. “And then I found ou

Hep C and the false economy of the health care system: Fiorito

There is a remarkable drug which treats Hepatitis C. It’s expensive, and it works, but you can’t get it until you get really sick. By Joe Fiorito Columnist People get sick. We have health care. Those in need get treatment. What’s the problem? Money, faulty accounting and, in some cases, morality. I know two women, Sheryl and Celeste. They both have Hep C, a progressive disease of the liver. The manner in which they got it doesn’t matter, although it

Get tested for Hep C, Georgetown woman urges

An Acton woman is making good on a promise to spread the word after receiving treatment that cured her of hepatitis C two years ago. Sharon Rider got the disease from a tainted blood transfusion during spine surgery as a 16-year-old and had been carrying the virus, with no symptoms, for 23 years before it was diagnosed. Meanwhile, she’d gotten married and had two kids, never knowing she was putting her family at risk of getting the disease. It was routi

Annual event spreads word on Hep C myths

WELLAND — Carrie Honsinger isn’t afraid to admit she had Hepatitis C. On World Hepatitis Day, July 28, Honsinger was present, sharing her story, at the Welland Market Square for the Niagara Health System Hepatitis C Care Clinic’s annual event promoting awareness of the virus that in Niagara is more prevalent than elsewhere in the province. “To this day I still have no idea how I contracted it,” said the 46-year-old mother of two who now volunteers with t