Updated: HepCBC Patient Group Submissions to CADTH and BC Pharmacare

To view all submissions (2011 to present) HepCBC has made to either CADTH (to determine if drug should be allowed for sale in Canada for a specific purpose) and BC Pharmacare (to determine if drug should be covered/purchase reimbursed by Pharmacare) please see this updated link: http://hepcbc.ca/patient-group-submissions-bc-pharmacare-cadth/

Simeprevir: two nods from Sask. & Health Canada

Simeprevir received two boosts on Nov. 12th: it is now listed on the Sasketchewan formulary (will be reimbursed by their public health insurance Pharmacare) and was also recommended highly by a Canadian Drug Review (CDR, CADTH, Health Canada) "Therapeutic Review" of hepatitis C DAA's (new Direct Acting Antiviral therapies) for HCV genotype 1. Details below: SASKATCHEWAN FORMULARY DETAILS: simeprevir, capsule, 150mg (Galexos-JAN) For the treatment of chroni

Vertex telaprevir (Incivik®) fatalities heighten concern over skin reactions

Dec. 19, 2012: Vertex Pharmaceutical announced that because of some recent fatalities among hepatitis C patients being treated with Vertex's telaprevir (Incivik®),  new warnings  have been placed on packaging about a potentially fatal skin reaction.  The current Standard of Care for hepatitis C patients with Genotype 1 is 'triple therapy': interferon plus ribavirin plus a protease inhibitor - either telaprevir or boceprevir (Merck's Victrelis®).  Note that