Doctors’ Notes: Why Toronto is a liver cancer hot spot

Survival rates are rising but more than 1,000 people die every year in Ontario from liver cancer. Liver cancer is to blame for more than a thousand deaths every year in Ontario — and most of these occur in the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, the epidemic level of liver cancer in this city often goes unrecognized, as it’s diluted by provincial and national statistics. So what is it about Toronto that makes it such a hot spot for this type of cancer? M


The TORONTO DECLARATION: STRATEGIES TO CONTROL AND ELIMINATE VIRAL HEPATITIS GLOBALLY resulted from Toronto's Nov. 5-6, 2014 "First International Meeting on Hepatitis Cure & Eradication", hosted by Virology Education ( The FULL DECLARATION is printed BELOW (link: To ADD YOUR NAME to the Toronto Declaratio...

Liver Cancer Meeting – Link to Slideshows

Liver Cancer rates and deaths are rising all over the world; much of this increase is due to hepatitis C. Three of us from HepCBC attended a Liver Cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC) conference on Feb. 11th in Toronto, sponsored by the Canadian Assn. for the Study of the Liver (CASL). There will be an article summarizing the most interesting findings in the hepc.bull newsletter soon. Meanwhile, here is a link to the Powerpoint slides:http://www.hepato

22 hepatitis C research videos from Canadian Symposium on HCV, Feb. 7, 2014 in Toronto

Check out these 22 You Tube videos about hepatitis C research from the 3rd Annual CIHR-HCV Symposium (Feb. 7, 2014 in Toronto). Some are very technical, others quite accessible and entertaining. Taste and enjoy! 01-Marc Bilodeau - opening remarks (7 Min) (from U of Montreal)   02-Lorne Tyrrell (39 min.) - Access to Care for HCV Infected Individuals (from U of Alberta)