U.S.: Kids With Hepatitis C Get New Drugs And Coverage May Prove Easier Than For Adults

With the approval this month of two drugs to treat hepatitis C in children, these often overlooked victims of the opioid epidemic have a better chance at a cure. Kids may have an easier time than adults getting treatment approved, some experts say. Medicaid programs and private insurers have often balked at paying for the pricey drugs for adults, but stricter Medicaid guidelines for kids may make coverage more routine. The two drugs approved for pediat

Young hep C patient gets new lease on life (USA)

South Yarmouth girl has success in first clinical trial of drug for childrenJohanna, 14, has been among the first group of pediatric patients to be part of worldwide clinical trials for a drug that has been highly successful in adults but untested on children.When Johanna began her monthly overnight treatments and check-ups at Boston Children’s Hospital in January, the doctor told her that her November follow-up appointment would be the big one. It would p