UK rations hepatitis B vaccine amid global shortage

UK health officials are putting a temporary limit on who can have a hepatitis B vaccination because stocks are running low. The move is in response to the wider, global shortage of the jab caused by manufacturing issues. UK travellers are being told they may not be able to get it before they leave Britain for higher-risk countries. Babies and high-risk groups will be prioritised under the measures that are expected to continue into 2018. A spokes

The Week in Review: July 7 – July 14, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017 News Recap Local New measures boost addiction treatment access in Victoria New efforts to expand treatment for opioid users in Victoria are putting addiction specialists in hospital emergency departments and supporting family doctors who provide opioid substitution therapy for patients. The initiatives by Island Health and the Victoria Divisions of Family Practice are intended to dovetail with the work of the South Island Ra...

Britain launches public inquiry into historic blood supply scandal

Approximately 2,400 people died beginning in the 1970s, others contracted diseases British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday ordered a public inquiry into how contaminated blood was used to treat thousands in the 1970s and '80s, killing 2,400 people, according to officials. Authorities had previously looked into the scandal, in which thousands of public health patients — many of them hemophiliacs — contracted HIV or hepatitis C through blood treatm

On-the-spot hepatitis test being developed in Swansea

An on-the-spot test to diagnose three types of hepatitis is being developed. It would use a patient's saliva instead of blood and the test would be as simple and quick as a blood glucose sensor or a pregnancy test. Current screening for hepatitis A, B and C involves taking blood with results taking up to seven days. The two-year project is a joint venture between the UK and China with Swansea playing a key role through Swansea University's Centre fo

AbbVie’s 8-week hepatitis C drug granted early access in UK

A special Early Access to Medicines (EAMs) status has been granted in the UK to AbbVie’s as-yet-unapproved treatment for hepatitis C. The glecaprevir/pibrentasivr (g/p) combination is a ‘pan-genotypic’ drug  currently under review by the European Medicines Agency, and is part of a rapid evolution in treatments for the potentially deadly liver infection. AbbVie  is looking to compete with Gilead’s Epclusa, which was the first pan-genotypic hep C drug to

Blood victim finally told she is free of Hepatitis C – 29 years after becoming infected

Hello Canada:  This is what happens to a person who is cured of hepatitis C after 29 years of ravaging by the virus!!  Is anyone listening?  TREAT NOW! A victim of the contaminated blood scandal has been told she is now free of Hepatitis C – 29 years after she was given a transfusion. While she has to wait another six months to ensure no traces of the disease return, Michelle Tolley, 51, from Sparham said she is now “very hopeful”. The mother of fou

Unit helps South Yorkshire hepatitis C sufferers get crucial diagnosis and reduce risk of life-threatening liver damage

Are you listening Canada? Mobile clinic with testing and FibroScan!! A mobile clinic unit which could help more people with hepatitis C live a disease-free future will be visiting Devonshire Green on Thursday January 26 and Hanfia Masjid mosque, 372 Sheffield Road, Tinsley on Friday January 27. Hepatitis C is a virus that infects the liver. If untreated, it can cause serious and life-threatening damage to the liver, including cirrhosis and liver cancer

UK: MP to bring hepatitis C sufferer’s cash fight to Parliament

A Greater Manchester MP will fight for one of his constituents in Parliament after it was revealed cash to help hepatitis C sufferers infected by NHS blood could be slashed. Oldham West and Royton’s Jim McMahon will highlight Chadderton resident Alex Smith’s case in the Commons on Tuesday. He will raise concerns about proposed changes to the Skipton Fund, which supports patients infected with hepatitis C through treatment with NHS blood prior to Sept

Scotland: Payment rise for hepatitis C infected blood victims

Victims of the infected blood scandal in Scotland will get increased financial support, the Scottish government has announced.Those suffering from advanced hepatitis C infection will get £27,000 per year - the equivalent of the average income.Victims with chronic hepatitis C will also now receive a £50,000 lump sum payment, up from £20,000 previously.The widows and widowers of those who have died from hepatitis will receive annual payments for the first ti

Healthcare worker who put 8,000 patients at risk of hepatitis C is named as a surgeon who caught the virus during an operation and DIED from it in 2012

The mystery healthcare worker at the centre of a hepatitis C scandal was named today - as it emerged he caught it from a random needle stick injury while on duty. Consultant Robert Pickard is the medic mentioned in a letter sent to more than 8,000 patients treated as far back as 1982 urging them to have blood tests.Mr Pickard, who died from the disease aged 73 in 2012, is thought to have contracted the condition while carrying out a routine operation.He ha