What treatment is available now for hepatitis C? It depends on where you live and your genotype (variety of hepatitis C virus you have)

Treatments may be approved in different places at different times as:

  • safe for humans
  • effective for hepatitis C
  • available in pharmacies
  • covered by various public or private insurance plans

The treatment available to you may depend on your GENOTYPE (which variety of hepatitis C you have).  For more information on genotypes, see the ‘Genotype,’ ‘Just Diagnosed‘ and ‘Tests and Results‘ sections. Many new and existing treatments are ‘genotype-specific’.

In this section you will find:

Standard of Care (Description of the most common treatments now available)

Common Side Effects of Treatment

Pre-Treatment Questions (including questions about financing care and Patient Access Programs / Pharmaceutical Company Assistance)

Clinical Trials (Options for getting free treatment with drugs still being tested)

Current List of Physician-Treaters in BC