Friday, August 25, 2017

News Recap:

Public health issues Hep B risk warning: Tools used in procedures such as callus scraping and cutting toenails could become contaminated with the virus and remain contaminated because of the sterilization practices followed. Public health authorities in Owen Sound have identified a local foot care clinic as a potential source of hepatitis B and are warning patients – other than orthotics patients – to consult a doctor about getting tested for this disease.

Major UK Supermarket ‘May Have Infected Thousands With Hepatitis E’ – Updated: The major UK supermarket that unintentionally infected people with hepatitis E (HEV) has now been identified as Tesco. HEV is transmitted by sausages and pork products from Europe, mainly Holland and Germany. Most infected people present few symptoms but others develop serious illness. UK-bred pork is not affected. Pregnant women and older people, those with weakened immune systems, and people with chronic liver disease can experience more severe infections.

Viral Hepatitis Up to 10 Times More Likely in Indigenous Populations: American Indian tribal citizens and other native peoples around the world are up to 10 times more likely to be infected with viral hepatitis than others in their countries, according to a global analysis of data on the liver-attacking diseases. “Indigenous peoples worldwide are bearing a disproportionately high burden of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or both,” said Raquel Peck, chief Executive of the London-based World Hepatitis Alliance.

Treating HCV in Incarcerated Populations Key to Disease Elimination: Infection rates range from 9.6% to 41.1% Hepatitis C virus (HCV) rates in America’s prisons and jails are high, largely because this is where many people with high-risk behaviors such as injection drug use end up. But in order to help reach the World Health Organization goal of elimination of HCV, this population needs more screening and treatment – not only to help people with the infection, but also to reduce the risk of transmission.


Did You Know?

HAV – San Diego: Hepatitis A infections have killed three more San Diego County residents, according to a new public health report, pushing the fatality total to 14 for a long-running outbreak which has hit the region’s homeless population especially hard  https://goo.gl/kMXyau

Prisons – Ireland: Innovative new screening programmes have uncovered high levels of hepatitis C among the prison and homeless populations. Doctors say the results show the need to shift resources for treating the disease out of hospitals and into the community. More than 200 inmates in Mountjoy Prison recently presented during a two-day mass screening, two-thirds of whom had not been screened previously https://goo.gl/ahrNoA.

Liver Transplant – In a short-term analysis, researchers found that survival rates improved among patients who underwent liver transplant for chronic hepatitis C after direct-acting antiviral approvals https://goo.gl/AQ2mJL .