Victoria, BC January 10, 2019. A community dinner was held today at Our Place Society in memory of HepCBC’s Board Member and Prison Outreach Committee founder, Phil Wilkin. It was a truly blessed evening and we are happy to share these great photos (many thanks to photographer and event organizer, Tracy, of Our Place!):
Details: HepCBC raised the money ($750 donated to Our Place) via GoFundMe, and provided volunteer servers as well. The organizer said at least 500 people from Victoria’s most marginalized communities were in attendance. Ham, potatoes, applesauce, and vegetables were appreciated by all. We explained why we wanted to honour Phil (, then invited anyone to come up to the open mike to share their own memories of him. However, we found that most people were shy of the mike and chose instead to speak privately with us at the HepCBC info table, or to share their memories with Phil’s niece Lily who was also in attendance. HepCBC offers our deepest gratitude to Phil’s family, all donors, volunteer servers, the great cooks and other volunteers at Our Place, and especially, all the attendees who honoured Phil and us with their attendance and appreciation.