PharmaCare now accepts Special Authority requests from NPs for HCV treatments!

Best HCV treatment and elimination news we’ve heard in ages…this should help many more people get into BC’s HCV treatment pipeline and make Elimination of Hepatitis C in BC by our goal of 2030 much more likely! As of October 30, 2019, Nurse Practitioners in BC have been permitted to fill out “Special Authority Requests for Hepatitis C treatment. These are the prescriptions needed by BC Pharmacare in order to approve a person’s treatment. News below is from the BC College of Nursing Professionals website:

“Effective immediately, PharmaCare will accept Special Authority (SA) requests for hepatitis C (HCV) treatments submitted by nurse practitioners sufficiently experienced in treating hepatit​is C. The relevant SA forms and criteria pages will be updated as soon as possible to reflect this change.

Test results supporting any SA request for HCV treatment must be submitted with the SA request. For additional information and requirements from Pharmacare, please see the information sheet on Adults with Chronic Hepatitis C.

BCCNP requirements : NPs prescribing to treat HCV must ensure they meet the relevant BCCNP Standards of Practice including:

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