UPDATE: As we grow towards merging into a new organization alongside Pacific Hep C, interested volunteers can reach out to Daryl, Peer Programs Lead at daryl [at] pacifichepc.org.

Volunteers made signs, then man cheering station at Victoria Marathon!

We can always use new volunteers at HepCBC! Take a look at our Job Posting page for ideas.

We’re mostly all HCV+ volunteers ourselves, so we love it when people have good ideas, take the initiative and just dig in!  At the same time, we need to be extremely careful about protecting confidentiality and working within guidelines and laws for non-profit societies.  Therefore we have learned to be very strict about volunteer selection, intake, and job-training.  We want to find the best job to make use of each volunteer`s unique situation and gifts.  We require all volunteers  (except those who are just volunteering for one special event and won’t come have access to any confidential information) to complete the process below:

  • Complete the online Volunteer Application Form HERE. After we receive it, we’ll phone or email you to meet for an interview with a representative of HepCBC.
  • At your interview, you can bring your resume and documents such as diplomas, letters of recommendation, samples of your work, drivers license, etc., if they are applicable to the job(s) you’re hoping to qualify for.At the interview we will discuss your application, qualifications, and possible jobs.  We will also have you read and sign a Confidentiality Oath, and will give you a personal Criminal Record Check Request letter to take to the police. You may read these in advance if you wish, but don’t fill them out.
  • Next, you will take the Criminal Record Check letter to your local Police Station.  Since we are a non-profit organization, they will normally do your check for free. In some cases, they charge for this service. If so, please pay and include your ORIGINAL (no photocopy) receipt along with your completed Criminal Record Check. HepCBC will reimburse you the cost of the Criminal Record Check (up to maximum $25).
  • Once the Criminal Record Check letter comes back to you (usually 1-3 weeks), bring or mail it in to us (along with the original receipt if you were charged for the police check), and you will be able to start volunteering!  Your job may require some training or orientation, and occasionally you may be required to upgrade your training.