Maps and Statistics about Hepatitis B and C in Canada

Who has hepatitis B and hepatitis C in Canada? In order to eliminate viral hepatitis, it is very important to know the answers to this complex question! Looking at Canada's hepatitis C statistics, the largest group of people with hepatitis C is made up of people born outside Canada, followed by former users of IV drugs, then by current users of IV drugs (PWID). Hepatitis B and C are spread through blood-to-blood contact, so IV drug use is a logical ri

Newcomer & Immigrant Outreach

Click HERE for TRANSLATIONS of hepatitis B or hepatitis C information in አማርኛ عربى বাংলা  简体中文  中國傳統的  English français  فارسی  pilipino  Deutsch  हिंदी Italiano 한국어 ພາສາລາວ  Монгол Oromo ਪੰਜਾਬੀ  Soomaali  Español  Kiswahili  தமிழ்   ภาษาไทย  ትግርኛ   Türk  اردو   Tiếng Việt Why is HepCBC especially trying to connect with newcomers and immigrants from certain countries, and the organizations to which they belong or visit? It is because the countrie

BC’s Nurse Practitioners Can Now Prescribe Treatment for Hepatitis C

PharmaCare now accepts Special Authority requests from NPs for HCV treatments! Best HCV treatment and elimination news we've heard in ages...this should help many more people get into BC's HCV treatment pipeline and make Elimination of Hepatitis C in BC by our goal of 2030 much more likely! As of October 30, 2019, Nurse Practitioners in BC have been permitted to fill out "Special Authority Requests for Hepatitis C treatment. These are the prescriptions ne

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit

Eliminating Viral Hepatitis in Aboriginal Communities of BC British Columbia's Aboriginal communities (both rural and urban) are at particular risk of viral hepatitis (B and C) for a variety of reasons, including a common practice of shared vaccination needles a few decades back, frequent "top-up" transfusions following childbirth, various Residential school practices, endemic hepatitis B in the far north, distrust of confidentiality in small local health