Very Important Joint Announcement from HepCBC and Pacific Hep C Network

It is with deep gratitude and excitement that we bring you this news: Pacific Hepatitis C Network and HepCBC are officially in the process of becoming a single, hepatitis-serving organization. On August 26th 2020, the HepCBC Board of Directors voluntarily resigned, and an entirely new slate of directors was elected by the HepCBC membership, so that now Pacific Hepatitis C Network and HepCBC share the same board members. The HepCBC membership also vot

One-Step Hepatitis C Testing Now in BC!

HepCBC is celebrating One-Step Hep C Testing in BC! Those tested in BC will no longer have to await results of the screening (HCV antibody) test, then take a confirmatory (RNA) test, with several weeks from the first test to the final results. Congratulations, BCCDC and PHSA!! Besides enabling patients quicker access to lifesaving treatment, this will also save BC an estimated $1 million per year!

Seniors Fair at the Aboriginal Mother Centre, Vancouver – Nov. 7, 2019

On Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019 HepCBC had an info booth at the Seniors' 55+ Resource Fair and luncheon at the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society at 2019 Dundas Street, Vancouver. Fifty or more women and children, even a couple gentlemen, enjoyed a lovely meal, great company, interesting info booths, "endless" door prizes, and a very riveting performance by "Butterflies in Spirit". This is a local group of Aboriginal women dancers and drummers who each are dancing

BC’s Nurse Practitioners Can Now Prescribe Treatment for Hepatitis C

PharmaCare now accepts Special Authority requests from NPs for HCV treatments! Best HCV treatment and elimination news we've heard in ages...this should help many more people get into BC's HCV treatment pipeline and make Elimination of Hepatitis C in BC by our goal of 2030 much more likely! As of October 30, 2019, Nurse Practitioners in BC have been permitted to fill out "Special Authority Requests for Hepatitis C treatment. These are the prescriptions ne

2017 Outreach Visit to NW BC

In Sept., 2017 Rosemary Plummer, RN had to make a trip to Telegraph Creek and Dease Lake, BC (in NW BC on the Stikine River, near Alaska and Yukon borders) to visit old friends and neighbours. She stopped off with pamphlets at three different health facilities. Finally we are publishing her great photos!    ...

Prison Colour Book Contest Winning Entries Become Posters

OUR NEWS: HepCBC's Prison Colouring Book Contest Winning Entries are made into Posters! (Oct 29, 2019) Thanks to the wonderful inmates and friends who submitted their coloured pages from the Prison Colour Books (available for free download at!  Also thanks for the contributions of new black/white original designs! The winners are each getting a gift of $50 for art su

FREE June 11 Webinar on Indigenous Prison-Community Partnership Study

You are invited to watch this webinar, June 11, 2019 (noon to 1 pm, PST) in person or online, presented by Helen Brown, PhD RN, "Work 2 Give: Indigenous and Participatory Knowledge Translation within a Prison-Community Partnership Study" at OR Helen Br


In a 1200 word report issued June 3, 2019, Canada’s federal government acknowledged a horrifying statistic: Canada's Indigenous women are at least six times more likely to become victims of homicide than non-Indigenous women: In addition, we should acknowledge that Canada's Indigenous people are at least five times more at risk of acquiring hepatitis C, and that

FEDERAL PRISONS in BC will be VISITED by HepCBC TEAM June 10-14, 2019

Twice a year HepCBC's all-volunteer outreach team visits the Community Resource Expo (CRE) events held in BC's federal prisons to give the most recent information about viral hepatitis (B and C) care and prevention, and to offer support to those seeking treatment. To see profiles of these institutions, go to Our all-volunteer team consists of Leon Anderson, Ron Larsen, Dr. Sofia Bartlett, Chery


Is it possible to ELIMINATE HEPATITIS C in Canada? Dr. Jordan Feld presents the BLUEPRINT: "Blueprint to inform hepatitis C elimination efforts in Canada" at CanHepC's launch session, May 24, 2019 Dr Jordan Feld presents the Blueprint to inform hepatitis C elimination efforts in Canada at the 8th Canadian Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus/Canadian Liver Meeting on May 24th, 2019 in Montreal. Watch and share this moving one-hour presentation at https://www.