Promising new treatments are on the way. Shorter. More successful. Fewer side-effects.

So, if your liver is not in bad shape yet, you may want to wait a little while before being treated.  Or, if you’re willing to take the risks and live close enough to a research clinic, you may want to participate in a clinical trial yourself.

Over the last couple decades, the success of treatment has gone from 10% up to 75-90%, depending on your genotype, presence of the IL28B genetic marker, the degree of damage to your liver, co-infection with HIV or HBV, and other factors.

As a registered patient group, HepCBC participates actively in the HCV drug approval process at both provincial and federal levels.

Information in this section on:

Click to view BC Pharmacare Approved Treatments (Courtesy of the Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project)

Click here for a summary of the hep C treatments currently within the Canadian drug approval system. These treatments are all at different steps of the approval process and haven’t yet been approved for PharmaCare coverage.

Click here to find out about any Clinical Trials in your area (for getting free treatment with drugs still being tested).