Special communities are at particular risk of having or acquiring viral hepatitis (B and C).

HepCBC has targeted its messages to the needs and interests of each special community to the best of our ability. Serving these communities has been our honour over the years. We hope to continue this until we are no longer needed, when viral hepatitis has been eliminated from each of these communities, and from the world.

The special communities HepCBC targets include:

  • Incarcerated or prison-experienced (and staff of prisons and half-way houses)
  • Members of Aboriginal communities, both rural and urban
  • Newcomers and immigrants to Canada, including translation of materials
  • Residents of rural, remote, and northern communities
  • Clients of social and health agencies working within urban marginalized communities
  • Baby Boomers, particularly those born 1945 – 1975 who constitute 75% of those in North America with hepatitis C

HepCBC also works with these other special groups at risk of viral hepatitis*, when they overlap with the above communities:

  •           Women, including those in the sex trade, and trans women
  •           Men, including men who have sex with men (MSM), and trans men
  •           People who inject and/or snort non-prescription drugs
  •           Homeless population
  •           Mentally ill and disabled

* HepCBC acknowledges that other organizations have more experience and expertise in meeting the diverse needs of the last five communities. We respect this expertise and work in support of these dedicated organizations whenever possible.