Our pamphlets and posters about hepatitis B and C are aimed at various communities:

  • General population and baby boomers
  • Newcomer/immigrant communities (translations available)
  • Aboriginal/northern/remote communities
  • Prison and former prisoner communities
  • IVDU and MSM communities

All of the publications on this page can be downloaded (PDFs).  Click on the Thumbnails below to access the printable, high-resolution versions. All posters are 12″ X 18″. Pamphlets are 8.5″ X 11″ and are double-sided; they are “tri-fold” style.

IF YOUR ORGANIZATION WOULD LIKE TO PUBLISH a HepCBC poster or pamphlet WITH YOUR LOGO AND CONTACT INFORMATION, in most cases we can adapt the file for you (for free). Please contact HepCBC for details.

Adult Viral Hep Colouring Book with Monthly Contest

This book targets prisoner, former prisoner, and/or marginalized populations, but has been used in halfway houses and a mental health clubhouse – use your imagination! And win $50 in art supplies for your colouring or for creating new art – contest rules in back of colour book.

Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B can be Eliminated - A serious colouring book and art contest. A project of HepCBC Hepatitis C Education & Prevention Society, British Columbia, Canada


HepCBC has been creating, publishing, and distributing pamphlets many years, whenever it saw the need.  Below find pamphlets from several sources…If you wish to order hard copies of HepCBC  pamphlets in bulk, contact HepCBC (via Contact Us page). All bulk pamphlet requests are FREE.


HCV in Prisons

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Aboriginal & Northern Communities

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HCV and Boomers

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HCV Manifesto

HBV Brochure (English)

Non-English Language Pamphlets

HBV Punjabi

HBV Hindi

HBV Chinese (Traditional)

HBV Chinese (Simplified)

HCV Hindi

HCV Punjabi


Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange  (CATIE, www.catie.ca), the BC Centre for Disease Control (www.bccdc.ca), and the Canadian Liver Foundation (www.liver.ca) offer excellent free pamphlets which are constantly updated.



Posters are a great way to get people’s attention!  HepCBC has created several PDF posters to print (and if possible, laminate): one with the full text of HCV Manifesto all on one page, five which originally were intended for outreach with Indigenous, northern, and remote communities on our Roadshow trips, and eight which came out of our Prison Outreach colour book contest so far (Colour Book contest is ongoing – download the book at http://hepcbc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/20191002_NO_MARKS_ColouringBook_edition1d.pdf. Contest details inside back cover)

The anti-stigma messages and the factual information in these posters are useful for anyone, anywhere. You can download by clicking on the Thumbnail-size links below. The 5 INDIGENOUS/NORTHERN/REMOTE posters and the 8 PRISON OUTREACH posters below can print out to 12″ X 18″ size at a high resolution.



thumbnail of 1_page_Manifesto

The HCV MANIFESTO Confronting Hepatitis C: A Grassroots Initiative – all on one 8.5″ X 11″ page.

DONT ASK ME poster – simple version: ‘Don’t Ask Me How I Caught It – Ask Me How I’m Doing’. Original photography donated by Ramana Waldhaus, of Haida Gwaii.

DONT ASK ME poster- more info version: about the types of liver damage HCV can cause: Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, Liver Transplant, and Liver Failure. Following successful treatment, life-threatening complications may be prevented. Liver damage can be reversed if stopped in time! Original photography donated by Ramana Waldhaus, of Haida Gwaii.

MEDICINE WHEEL poster about HCV: “The needs of someone living with hepatitis C are like the needs of the rest of the community” – wheel text and design concept by Terry Optekamp, Community Health Representative from Chippewas of Nawash Health Centre.


NO COMMUNITY IS TOO SMALL OR TOO REMOTE FOR HCV poster: “Everyone deserves HCV information, confidential testing, treatment, and support.” Photos taken on HCV outreach trip to northwestern BC in 2013 by Cheryl Reitz of HepCBC. “Thanks to all the wonderful smiling new friends!”

NORTHERN & REMOTE COMMUNITY AT INCREASED HCV RISK poster:  “Due to Stigma & Isolation, Uncertain Testing will be Confidential, Distance from Treatment Centres, Lack of Peer Support, Fear of Disclosure Consequences, Inability to access Transplant Services, and Lack of Accessible Information.” Photo purchased from Stock Photo service, “Shutterstock #84158728”.

THE WAYS NOT TO GET VIRAL HEPATITIS poster:” You can’t get hepatitis C or hepatitis B by hugging, kissing, sneezing, coughing, eating, drinking, or sharing food! Relax and enjoy affection and socializing!” Plate 1 from HepCBC’s “Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Can be Eliminated” Colouring Book, coloured by an inmate at Mountain Institution in Agassiz, BC.

HOW TO ENSURE EQUIPMENT WILL NOT TRANSMIT VIRAL HEPATITIS poster: “Bleach, alcohol, boiling – even freezing – won’t completely kill viral hepatitis. Only NEW or AUTOCLAVED needles, straws, pipes, syringes, etc. can guarantee safety. If you need to confidentially discuss safety of equipment, contact HepCBC.” Plate 8 from “Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Can be Eliminated” Colouring Book, coloured by an inmate at Fraser Valley (Women’s) Institution in Abbotsford, BC.

HOW TO CONTACT PEERS & ADVOCATES AT HEPCBC IF YOU NEED VIRAL HEPATITIS SUPPORT OR INFORMATION poster: “Need confidential hepatitis C / hepatitis B support or information? Contact HepCBC’s volunteer peers and advocates. Toll-Free: 1-844-268-2118; Direct Prison Hotline: 1-604-210-2901; Fax: 1-604-424-4374; Email: prisons@hepcbc.ca; Web: www.hepcbc.ca/support/prisons/”Plate 2 from “Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Can be Eliminated” Colouring Book, coloured by a client-member of the Coast Clubhouse in Vancouver, BC.

HOW TO ENSURE BODY ART ACTIVITIES DO NOT TRANSMIT VIRAL HEPATITIS poster: “Shared or unsterile body art equipment (tools, ink, templates, needles, etc.) are ideal ways to transmit viral hepatitis. Have your artist make you YOUR OWN needle, machine, and ink. Do not share a machine, ink, or ink pot with others!” Plate 4 from “Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Can be Eliminated” Colouring Book, coloured by a peer volunteer at HepCBC, Victoria, BC.

WHY TO GET TREATED FOR HEPATITIS C poster: “Deaths in Canada due to hepatitis C have exceeded those due to HIV/AIDS since 2007. Hepatitis C kills more slowly but can be deadly if untreated. If positive, get treatment right away. It is now QUICK (8 – 12 weeks), EASY (no needles, few if any side-effects), and can SAVE your LIFE (95% cure rate)!” Plate 11 from “Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Can be Eliminated” Colouring Book, coloured by an inmate at William Head institution, Metchosin, BC.

ELIMINATE THE HEPATITIS DRAGON poster: “Hepatitis B and C are major causes of cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure; and the major reason for liver transplant. Hepatitis B can be prevented by VACCINE and hepatitis C can be CURED! Why not eliminate viral hepatitis from our world? Let’s KILL this DRAGON!” Plate 12 from “Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Can be Eliminated” Colouring Book, coloured by an inmate at William Head institution, Metchosin, BC.

LEAVE YOUR MASK BEHIND poster: “Make yesterday history. Leave your mask behind. Take healthy risks. Find a new peace of mind. Be cool. Stay clean. Get tested for viral hepatitis. Protect yourself and others from harm.” Original black and white artwork and text by an inmate at William Head institution, Metchosin, BC.

You can OVERCOME any OBSTACLES poster: “You are STRONG. You are POWERFUL. You are BRAVE. You can OVERCOME any OBSTACLES in your way. Contact people who understand viral hepatitis and addiction, offering free phone support.” Original black and white artwork and text by an inmate at Fraser Valley (Women’s) Institution, Abbotsford, BC.


We welcome your ideas for posters, both artwork and text. If something looks interesting, let’s give it a try! Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) and Center for Disease Control (USA) often has information available in poster form.