Self-isolation is a common response to HCV stigma.


Sometimes HCV+ individuals internalize the stigma. Instead of fighting it, we isolate ourselves.

We're all in the same tub! Now what?
We’re all in the same tub! Now what?

  • Sad, but true: so often we who are living with hepatitis C isolate ourselves instead of reaching out; neither asking for the help we need, nor offering it to others.
  • Perhaps we start to believe that we are a danger to other’s health, that our lives have less value than the lives of others, or that we ‘deserve’ our illness.
  • We isolate ourselves indefinitely in ‘quarantine’; we stigmatize ourselves, not wanting to face a painful world nor create pain for others.
  • But once we take that brave first step outside ourselves, often we meet others in the same boat, see beyond the stigma and develop a new, more positive identity.

One of the best things you can do is to find a peer support group.  Click here to find out more!