Broader access to costly Hep C drugs may yield few benefits for Pa. Medicaid, study finds

A new study that projects what could happen if Pennsylvania covered the costly treatment of hepatitis C for everyone in Medicaid yields some surprises for policymakers nationwide: Few lives would be saved. Some patients might actually fare worse. The federal government would likely reap savings, at the expense of the states. The counter-intuitive findings from the University of Pittsburgh may become part of pitched debates in state capitols and the incomi

Vermont: Advisory board urges expanded access to hepatitis C drugs

This is in Vermont. What about BC? What about Canada?  When are we going to do the right thing – CD An advisory board says the state should make it easier for Vermont’s Medicaid patients to get access to expensive prescription drugs that treat hepatitis C. The Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board, an advisory panel, voted Dec. 6 to lift certain restrictions that make it harder or impossible for some Medicaid patients with the disease to get specialty