In Argentina INPI rejected a key patent on Sofosbuvir

Argentina has made an important step forward to protect  local production of generics of an essential medicine to treat Hepatitis C. This brings significant advantages for Public Programs which procure the medicines. Buenos Aires, December 4, 2017. In Argentina, the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) rejected GILEAD PHARMASSET LLC patent application on Sofosbuvir prodrug, an essential medicine to treat HepC. The resolution PN 066898 of INPI

NZers turn to generic Hepatitis C meds

New Zealanders with Hepatitis C are turning to generic, legally-imported treatments that cure the virus and give sufferers a new lease on life. Funded treatment for sufferers was recently made available in New Zealand, but only people with a particular strand of the virus - about half of all sufferers - can access it easily. Dunedin woman Hazel Heal lived with the virus for 30 years before taking generic medications last year. She has now been fully

Hep C drug buyers’ club doctor hits out

An Australian doctor involved in a drug buyers’ club that has helped about 50 Otago people access life-saving medicine took a shot at pharmaceutical companies at a gathering in Dunedin last night. Tasmanian Dr James Freeman said pharmaceutical companies had been "having a lend" of the public purse through their pricing of drugs. Dr Freeman was in Dunedin for a "hepster hui" in Northeast Valley last night to celebrate a cure for the potentially fatal he

Doctors Without Borders urges Gilead to rethink its hepatitis C strategy in Ukraine

The latest battle over access to medicines is taking place in Ukraine, where Doctors Without Borders is urging Gilead Sciences to drop a court action that, if successful, would prevent a generic version of the Sovaldi hepatitis C treatment from remaining available. In a Sept. 5 letter released publicly Tuesday, Gilead was asked to “reconsider its business strategy in high-burden, middle-income countries, especially Ukraine,” since its strategies “threaten

Gilead gets patent for Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi

The decision is a major blow to the access to drug movement, says MSF In direct contradiction to its earlier order, the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademark granted American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences the patent for the blockbuster Hepatitis C drug Sofosbuvir (brand name Sovaldi) in India. An application for the same patent was first rejected in January 2015 as lacking inventiveness and novelty. On Monday, however, the pa...

Real life Dallas Buyers Club operation helps hepatitis C patients with free drugs

A Dallas Buyers Club-style operation that helps hepatitis C patients get lifesaving drugs at knockdown prices plans to go a step further for World Aids Day on Tuesday – free drugs for those who can least afford them.Nearly a quarter of a million Australians carry hepatitis C, a "viral time bomb" that kills half a million people worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organisation.Yet a simple lifesaving fix – a course of one pill a day for 12 we