The Week in Review: Jan 11, 2019 – Jan 18, 2019

Friday, Jan 18, 2019 News Recap: Photos of January 10, 2019 HepCBC Community Dinner in Memory of Phil Wilkin at Our Place Victoria, BC January 10, 2019. A community dinner was held today at Our Place Society in memory of HepCBC’s Board Member and Prison Outreach Committee founder, Phil Wilkin. It was a truly blessed evening and we are happy to share these great photos (many thanks to photographer and event organizer, Tracy, of Our Place). Invitation

Egypt Shares its Hepatitis Elimination Successes with its Neighbours in Africa

CAIRO - 16 January 2019: Minister of Health Hala Zayed unveiled an Egyptian initiative to treat African people with hepatitis C, starting with the Nile Basin countries which have an estimated 3.7 million hepatitis C patients, representing 30 percent of the total number of infected people in Africa. In move after stunning move, Egypt continues to demonstrate bold world leadership in our fight to eliminate viral hepatitis from every country. Egypt was the f