The Week in Review: December 8 – December 15, 2017

Friday, December 15, 2017 News Recap: 8 updates on liver transplantation outcomes for 2017: Over the past year, researchers and physicians have reported changes among the leading indications on the liver waitlist and improvements in transplantation outcomes. In this article, presents recent reports on waitlist mortality risks, improved pediatric liver transplantation outcomes, and the positive effects of HCV treatment on transpl...

Liver Damage Worse in Women With HBV/HCV Coinfection, Risky Drinking

Coinfection with hepatitis B and C virus (HBV/HCV) combined with risky alcohol consumption enhances liver damage mechanisms to a greater extent in women than in men, according to a recent study in PLoS One. Hepatitis infection and risky drinking are major risk factors for liver disease, and coinfection with both HBV and HCV is more likely to progress to cirrhosis than single infections. Pooled data from 2 national surveys in Italy allowed the estimation o

Even Light Drinking Spikes Cancer Risk in Hepatitis C-Related Cirrhosis

It’s no secret that excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous to the liver; that’s exactly why patients with hepatitis C are advised to steer clear of it. But more precise outcomes in this population who do partake in light-to-moderate drinking hasn’t been fully understood. A collaborative team of researchers from Belgium and Switzerland set out to find how alcohol intake and viral eradication impacted the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), decompen