Australia: Murray Bridge trials hepatitis C treatment project

Murray Bridge could be the first city in the world to eliminate hepatitis C when it hosts a national pilot project this March. Hepatitis SA are bringing a new revolution of treatment for the chronic disease to town in the effort to stop the spread of viral hepatitis worldwide by 2030. Despite an unprecedented number of Australians being cured of the disease in the past year, treatment uptake has proven slower in rural and regional areas. Murray Brid

Australia leading world in hepatitis C treatment; but disease more prevalent in Aboriginal people

More people are on track to be cured of hepatitis C in Australia this year than over the past two decades combined, new research has shown. A University of New South Wales Kirby Institute report shows about 230,000 people were living with hepatitis C across the country last year, but only one in five received treatment. Hepatitis C is transferred by blood-to-blood contact and is often spread by sharing drug injecting equipment. An oral anti-viral tr

Australia: Get tested, get treated, Hep C researchers urge

Up to 70 per cent of Victorians with suspected hepatitis C may not have received follow-up testing, putting them at risk of chronic liver disease and even cancer, University of Melbourne researchers say. Testing rates for the disease—which affects almost 10 times more Australians than HIV—were lowest among young people aged 15-24, representing a massive missed opportunity for treatment before the disease becomes serious, according to a paper in the Austra

Australia shows an alternative to rationing hepatitis C treatment

The Hepatitis C Trust has announced it is considering seeking judicial review of NHS England's decision to impose a cap on the number of people treated for hepatitis C in England and Wales. Meanwhile, advocates in Australia have won a major victory in the struggle for access to hepatitis C treatment: a federal government decision to fund treatment for everyone with hepatitis C in Australia. Why are two high-income countries so far apart on HCV treatment ac

Drug subsidies could eliminate Hepatitis C in Australia within a decade, experts say

There is a realistic chance Hepatitis C will be eliminated within a few years due to new public subsidies of powerful drugs, some of Australia's top health experts say.Strong new drugs have been publicly subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme since March 1, leading experts to think Hepatitis C could be wiped out within years.The direct-acting anti-viral drugs are more effective and have fewer side effects than previous treatments."We've got excel

Australia: Discounted drugs end the buyers’ club era for Hepatitis C sufferers

Treatment for Hepatitis C became drastically more affordable this week when four new-generation medicines were added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.The government's resolution to list the drugs means Australians with Hep C now pay just $6.20 a prescription if they are a concession card holder or $38.30 for general patients, saving patients as much as $100,0000 for treatment.Clinicians across the country shelled out millions of dollars in prescriptio

Australia: Hep C cures now as cheap as $6.20

Breakthrough cheap hepatitis cures are now available to Australians, but many don't even know they have the deadly disease.Some who do know are unaware of the four different medicines, subsidised by the federal government from March 1, which can cure without the terrible side-effects of previous therapies."The drugs themselves are fantastic but they are just a tool," Hepatitis Australia CEO Helen Tyrrell told AAP."We have got to find the people who will be

Australia: Hep C horror at Fiona Stanley

A patient at Fiona Stanley Hospital has contracted hepatitis C — a contagious bloodborne virus that can lead to liver failure and cancer — after being infected in one of the hospital’s operating theatres.The Weekend West can reveal external public health and communicable disease experts were brought in to investigate the incident, which occurred early last year when the hospital was under fire for poor sterilisation procedures.The investigation ruled out s

Australia: Top End doctors, recovered sufferers overjoyed by hepatitis C funding changes set for March

When Darwin grandmother Maria was diagnosed with Australia's most prevalent blood-borne virus — hepatitis C — in her early 50s, she "almost fell off the doctor's chair"."You don't always appear to be sick and that's the scary thing about it," Maria told 105.7 ABC Darwin."I was super fit, going to the gym and bootcamping. When I was told that I had hepatitis C, I was stunned."The shock quickly turned to devastation and depression, starting with a potentiall

Kiwi hepatitis C patients getting treatment from Australian drug buyers club

New Zealanders unable to afford the $100,000 price for hepatitis C medication have been offered a lifeline from an Australian Dallas Buyers Club-style operation.Dozens of Kiwis facing liver disease and a shortened life as a result of the virus have travelled to Australia to pick up wonder drugs with the help of Tasmanian doctor James Freeman.Freeman set up a Dallas Buyers Club-style operation in February 2015 to help Australian hepatitis C patients import