The Week in Review: March 23 – April 6, 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018 News Recap: HCV – Liver Cancer (HCC): Liver Cancer on the Rise in Backdrop of Undiagnosed Hep C. Liver cancer, one of the greatest challenges to hepatologists today, will be in the spotlight at the upcoming International Liver Congress (ILC) 2018. It will become an even greater challenge in the near future, said Morris Sherman, PhD, from the University of Toronto, who is chair of the Canadian Liver Foundation. Testing for he...

Hepatitis: India to keep fighting, new test may come handy

According to experts, with challenges such as awareness, accessibility, compliance and affordability, India can only eradicate hepatitis by 2080 (as against global goal of 2030) if they start acting now. In 2016, of the 400 million people infected by viral hepatitis globally, about 13% were Indians. "There is need for immediate and urgent action to arrest the spread of hepatitis. In the South-East Asia Region, viral hepatitis is driving rates of liver can

Advocates push need for hepatitis C screening

At first, Steve Pollard felt like he just had a touch of the flu. Today, seven years and two liver transplants later, the Ottawa man is a vocal advocate for the need for hepatitis C screening. “If you don’t get tested, you don’t know your status. They can’t fix you,” said Pollard, 48. Pollard was living “a decent life” in 2009 when he first fell ill — a family man who drank little and didn’t have the “high-risk lifestyle” often associated with the diseas

Baby boomers often unaware they need hepatitis C screening

(Reuters Health) - Many baby boomers may be unaware they need screening for the hepatitis C virus, a small study suggests. In a survey of 81 emergency room patients born during the “baby boom” from 1945 to 1965, only 29 percent of participants knew their risk for the virus was higher than for people born in earlier or later generations, the study found. “Baby boomers are five times more likely to have hepatitis C than those groups born before or aft...

Australia: Hep C cures now as cheap as $6.20

Breakthrough cheap hepatitis cures are now available to Australians, but many don't even know they have the deadly disease.Some who do know are unaware of the four different medicines, subsidised by the federal government from March 1, which can cure without the terrible side-effects of previous therapies."The drugs themselves are fantastic but they are just a tool," Hepatitis Australia CEO Helen Tyrrell told AAP."We have got to find the people who will be

‘Climbing for Carleen:’ Colorado Springs family makes mountain treks to raise awareness of hepatitis C

They were out for a day of training in the blustery, rugged, winter conditions. Although the pair didn't summit the fourteener because of high winds, they saw the trek as another chance to hone their mountaineering skills for a quest that they've been on since early 2014.The McGuffeys have been "Climbing for Carleen" to raise awareness for hepatitis C. Kendall's mother, Carleen McGuffey, was diagnosed with the disease in 2010. She and her family, which inc