HBV Basics

HEPATITIS B VIRUS (HBV) Also view in PUNJABI (PA, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ):http://hepcbc.ca/hbv-basics_pa/ HINDI (HI, हिंदी): http://hepcbc.ca/hbv-basics_hi/ Chinese Traditional (CHT, 繁体中文 ): http://hepcbc.ca/hbv-basics_cht/ Chinese Simplified (CHS, 简体中文): http://hepcbc.ca/hbv-basics_chs/ Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) which is far more infectious than HIV. Treatment VACCINE for hepatitis B is available (3 doses over

The Week in Review: November 4 – November 10, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017 News Recap: Canada: Updated List of Physicians in British Columbia Currently Treating Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C. HepCBC has updated its list of Doctors in BC who treat HCV and HBV. Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy Outcomes in Canadian Chronic Hepatitis C Telemedicine Patients. Many of the 300,000 HCV-infected Canadians live in under-served and remote areas without access to HCV healthcare specialists. Telemedicine (T...

143,000 First Nations to switch to tailored B.C. Pharmacare plan

Status First Nations people in B.C. will begin health coverage under a tailored version of the provincial pharmacare system on Sunday, marking the first time a province takes over health care coverage for that group. Since 1979, First Nations people in B.C. have been covered under Canada Health’s Non-Insured Health Benefits program, which provides coverage for prescription medications, dental and medical supplies. The FNHA version of Pharmacare, called

B.C. won’t cover hepatitis C drug that’s possible cure for woman infected with tainted blood

Lack of national pharmacare program makes it hard to negotiate better drug prices. The B.C. government says it won't cover the cost of a breakthrough treatment for hepatitis C for Nikky Davies, who contracted the virus through tainted blood she was administered in hospital. A Nanaimo, B.C., woman who contracted the hepatitis C virus through tainted blood has been denied a blockbuster new medication the province says is extremely expensive and would bankru

The Population Level Cascade of Care for Hepatitis C in British Columbia, Canada

Population-level monitoring of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infected people across the cascade of care identifies gaps in access and engagement in care and treatment. We characterized a population-level cascade of care for HCV in British Columbia (BC), Canada and identified factors associated with leakage at each stage. We have assembled data on all individuals testing for hepatitis C in British Columbia to establish a system to monitor infection and care. The

Summer of Interferon-free Hepatitis C Drug Approvals?

2015 is stacking up to have a Summer of Interferon-Free hepatitis C drug approvals! So far we've had the following approvals for provincial Pharmacare coverage (addition to provincial "formulary"):On June 29th, Ontario covered AbbVie's Holkira Pak™ for genotype 1, on July 24th, Quebec covered both Gilead's Harvoni™ and AbbVie's Holkira Pak™ for genotype 1. And on World Hepatitis Day, July 28th British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Yukon started to ...

PHOTOS: World Hepatitis Day Vancouver 2014

Here you go! Links to the great photos many have been viewing on the World Hepatitis Day Vancouver 2014 FACEBOOK page - this is for the non-Facebook people who haven't seen them yet. This is a 3-page slideshow so when you think it's over, go back to the beginning and move to page 2, then same to page 3. This is our first NextGEN Gallery Slideshow and may be our last if you know of a better Slideshow program let HepCBC know. Thanks! The link:World Hepatitis

WORLD HEPATITIS DAY 2013-British Columbia!

For more information about World Hepatitis Day 2013 activities in British Columbia, click on the city name. IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR CITY OR NEAREST TOWN LISTED, LET US KNOW and we will put you in contact with the nearest organization in your area which can give you information or support. Hopefully next year, there will be a hepatitis awareness event in every part of British Columbia! ABBOTSFORD CAMPBELL RIVER COURTENAY GRAND FORKS NANAIMO NELSON SMITHERS SU

Fibroscan update – New machine already installed in Victoria

The new Fibroscan machine is already installed at the Percuro Clinic in Victoria, and the nurses who will be using this non-invasive alternative to liver biopsy have been trained. They will be taking patient referrals in early 2013. Referrals are being taken primarily from liver specialists, so you must get your GP to refer you to a liver specialist if you want a Fibroscan. GPs who are prescribing and treating HCV patients directly may also refer, in some...

Vancouver Island getting FibroScan Machine in early 2013

In early 2013 Victoria's Percuro Clinic will start offering FibroScan (non-invasive alternative to liver biopsy) services on Vancouver Island. Appointments will be by referral to Percuro from a physician who treats hepatitis C. Currently, there are only three FibroScan machines in British Columbia, all in Vancouver: one at Vancouver General Hospital, another at Pacific Gastro Services and the last at the LAIR (Liver & Intestinal Research) Centre. This ...