Cognitive function associated with increased microglia activation in patients with HCV

Preserved cognitive function was associated with increased microglia activation with predominance in the basal ganglia in patients with HCV, according to recent findings published in Journal of Viral Hepatitis. “This study evaluates microglia activation in HCV-infected patients with only mild liver disease in context of absence or presence of chronic fatigue, mood disturbances, history of interferon therapy and cognitive dysfunction, using the binding of

Brain Fog

Brain Fog HCV doesn’t just affect the liver.  It can have profound affects of the brains of HCV+ people.  In chronic HCV, brain function is often impaired, characterized by a syndrome combining mild confusion, forgetfulness, and difficulty concentrating or focusing, which many refer to as “Brain Fog”. This can range from very mild forms which no one really notices except the HCV+ person experiencing the cognitive difficulty, all the way to

Mental Health

Mental Health, HCV and the Brain     By working, succeeding, and celebrating together, we can contribute to one other’s mental well-being. Our mental health is key to our sense of well-being, and HCV can affect our brain in many ways. Mental stress is very bad on the liver, which can worsen symptoms of HCV. Mental and physical health of HCV+ people are strongly related. Hepatitis C viruses have been known to cross the ‘blood-brain barr