Should Generic DAAs Be More Widely Imported?

Even in high-income countries, patients can have problems getting the new but expensive direct acting antivirals that are so effective in treating hepatitis C. A recent article (free but you must register) written by Narcyz Ghinea, BSc, of the Center for Values, Ethics, and the Law in Medicine at the University of Sydney in Australia, and several colleagues, and published in The Lancet, suggests that importing generics could be the answer. In Australia p

Australia: Discounted drugs end the buyers’ club era for Hepatitis C sufferers

Treatment for Hepatitis C became drastically more affordable this week when four new-generation medicines were added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.The government's resolution to list the drugs means Australians with Hep C now pay just $6.20 a prescription if they are a concession card holder or $38.30 for general patients, saving patients as much as $100,0000 for treatment.Clinicians across the country shelled out millions of dollars in prescriptio